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Thread: Unlimited Water/Grass Deck

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    Default Unlimited Water/Grass Deck

    Well, I finally decided to play the TCG, instead of just hoarding lots of cards. I started collecting them a couple of years ago, but stopped, then I found them hidden away a few days ago and got into them. Here's my first deck.

    3x Treecko
    1x Delta species Treecko
    2x Grovyle
    2x Sceptile
    3x Oshawott
    2x Dewott
    1x Samurott
    2x Ducklett
    1x Swanna
    2x Roselia
    1x Roserade
    1x Kecleon
    1x Pidove
    1x Tranquill
    1x Unfezant
    3x Panpour
    2x Simipour
    1x Tropius
    1x Energy Search
    2x Potion
    1x Energy Retrieval
    1x Poké Ball
    1x Dusk Ball
    2x Revive
    1x Professor Juniper
    1x Battle Tower
    2x Multi Energy
    9x Grass Energy
    9x Water Energy
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    Thats good for a first deck, I like the deck idea...

    I kind of just want to face it... some day when it is final and competitive.
    More the person than the deck.

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