Ok it is short cards so it's not 60 cards but I do make it work against my friends. Its purpose is to kinda be unblockable. It has the following cards;


Liliana's Shade x2
Stormbound Geist x1
Tormented Soul x2
Voiceless Spirit x2
Niblis of the Breath x1
Slum Reaper x1
Drogskol Captain x1
Soul Seizer x1
Blistergrub x1
Chapel Geist x1
Wildwood Geist x1
Niblis of the Mist x1
Fettergeist x1
Moon Heron x1
Battleground Geist x1
Gallows Warden x1
Drifting Shade x1

Plains x8
Island x8
Swamp x8
Selesnya Guildgate x1

Enchantments and Instants:
Ghostly Possession x1
Spectral Prison x1
Feeling of Dread x1
Midnight Haunting x1
Nevermore x1
Ray of Revelation x1

Please help me make it better and suggest any cards to put in and take out.