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Thread: MisingNo ruined my game

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    Default MisingNo ruined my game

    So last year I started a new blue file and after beating it, my brother told me about MisingNo. I know, what loser has never heard of MisingNo? Anyway, I researched the glitch and started doing in. The way my name was set up, I was kinda disappointed. I kept finding 132 Voltorbs that used self destruct and killed my Pokemon. I then found level 150 Mewtwos and caught several with glitched master balls. My friend and I were talking about the elite four one day, and I went to my hall of fame. That was the first error I noticed. It had 3 MisingNos, a level 57 Ivysaur (I chose Squirtle) a Zubat (Probably from Dark Cave XD) and a level 100 nothing. Then when talking to random NPCs, characters would appear that were in MisingNo's name. Also, when saving, the screen would flood with the ground tile I was standing on. Deciding a clean game was better than an awesome corrupted file, I reset my game. But every time Prof. Oak was giving me his speech, the game would freeze. During one attempt, I had a shop interface open up. Two things were weird. 1, the MisingNo characters were back, and instead of spending money it kept adding money when I selected an "item". 2, why would a shop code be anywhere near Oak's opening speech? I keep trying to reset my game but it just keeps glitching. The few times my sprite was actually able to move, I could never talk to the shop keeper in Viridian. Is it possible to fix this?

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    Did you not see the thread titled MISSINGNO and GLITCHES - talk about them HERE at the top of the forum? That's where you go to talk about MissingNo and glitches.

    Restarting your game does not automatically fix the issue. Apparently if you "view the Pokédex data or stat page of a hybrid glitch Pokémon or official Pokémon" it may be fixed, but it's not uncommon for games to be permanently screwed up.

    Please do a forum search to see if your question's been answered before making a new thread, and you can use Google as well, whih is how I got the above answer.


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