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Thread: Help for HG Elite 4/My Team

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    Default Help for HG Elite 4/My Team

    Currently my team is

    Level 42 Gyarados with Ice Fang , Waterfall, and Bite
    Level 38 Typhlosion with Strength , Flame Wheel, Blast Burn, Lava Plume
    Level 46 Ho-Oh Fly, Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Sacred Fire
    Level 38 Haunter Shadow Punch, Sucker Punch, Curse, Shadow Ball
    Level 37 Dragonair Dragon Pulse, Thunder Wave, Surf, Dragon Rage
    Level 22 Eevee ( Working on Umbreon evolution)

    Any tips/replacement ideas? strategies? I managed to make it through last time to the 3rd member ( Fighting) and instead of an Eevee I had a Kadabra who is level 37 with Teleport, Psycho Cut, Recover, Psybeam, but he got one-hit KO'd by the Machamp's rockslide.

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    Well the first easiest thing to win would be to just get your pokemon higher level, but your movesets are pretty bad even just for in-game.

    My suggestions based on your level of pokemon and if your not going to do any trading into your game, otherwise these would be much different.

    Gyarados - Gain two more levels and get Dragon Dance.
    Moveset - Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Ice Fang, Earthquake

    Typhlosion - I would get him higher lvl, get flamethrower at lvl 42. Also go buy TM Focus Blast (Think it's in Goldenrod market). I also prefer Fire Blast to Blast burn but thats your choice.
    Moveset - Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Fire Blast, Shadow Claw.

    Ho-oh - Well I never liked using legandary pokemon so don't know much about him. You also don't need two fire types. Easily your stongest pokemon though so use it well. I don't know what tm's you all have, but if you have any heartscales it would help. go to Blackthorn city with some heartscales and relearn some moves such as extrasensory and brave bird.
    Moveset - Sacred Fire, Extrasensory, Brave bird(or fly), Fireblast.

    Haunter - Based on no trading to evolve, otherwise evolve him would help. He's high sp. attack, low attack. so movess such as shadow punch and sucker punch are useless. plus you alreay have a ghost type move in shadow ball which is a sp. attack. use heratscale if you have one for hypnosis.
    Moveset - hypnosis, Dream eater, shadow ball, Sludge bomb.

    Dragonair - At this point in the game and with him being still a dragonair theirs not much else you can do with him, maybe buy blizzard, fireblast, or thunder and give it to him, but there accuracy not that great.
    Moveset - Dragon Pulse, Thunder Wave, Surf, Blizzard

    Your last pokemon to weak for me to even help with, it can't do anything unless higher level. basically all your pokemon need some leveling up. Otherwise I would suggest you get kadabra back and stop with the eevee. get him higher level and he learns psychic. he should be able to outspeed most pokemon when his level is alittle higher, and phycic moves beat poison and fighting types. he has weak defense though so he die's fast.
    I gave you these set with the best of what I can remember from what tm's you have at this point in the game and without trading anything into the game. they could be much better with some more tm's, higher level pokemon would help, and evolving your haunter. Good luck.
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