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Thread: Battle Me Thread! - Custom Rules Battles

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    I prefer to battle Doubles or Triples.

    Flat or Normal rules, but no Dark Void please. I hate that move, and only a few Pokemon can stop that.

    I don't follow Tiers, so you have many options to form a team! Ubers or not, bring it on!

    I will always be up for a challenge. Please send me a private message so that we can exchange FC. I don't play 7th gen, so I will be quite active playing this game.
    3DS FC: 2878 9875 2043, consists of Shuppet, Phantump and Dusclops.
    Another is 2981 9377 4651, and consists of Octillery, Poliwhirl and Gyarados.
    I have ALL WHITE 2 Entree Forest Pokemon! Pm me for offers. My trainer name is either Chestnut or Vandread.

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    Hey I am looking for a single battle

    No ubers baton pass is allowed
    Check out my Trade Thread!

        Spoiler:- Trade Thread:

    Always lookin for a battle so pm me if u want to!

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    Looking to hold a pumpkaboo/gourgeist 1v1 singles battle tourney for the Halloween season. If interested leave me a private message or visitor message (visitor message is better) and I'll explain the rules. Already have some trainers but looking for more.

    November 2001 - February 2005


    v--Current Black 2 Team--v
    Lilwun lv34 Maiden lv37 Grandage lv40 Crash lv40 Elizabeth lv32 Ballarina lv30

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