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Thread: Competitive Tiering System. Pokemon's Missing Sports Link?

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    Default Competitive Tiering System. Pokemon's Missing Sports Link?

    After playing plenty of competitive games in 2 franchises, Pokemon and Defense of the Ancients, I observe and study the way each franchise give tiers to the characters of their corresponding franchise. And this is something that I find most interesting. We're talking about official ones as a take on course in coordination with the tier list built by the Smogon community.

    Both are just samples to observe my observations.

    DOTA2: A sample Image of the tier System on March 2013

    Pokemon X and Y: Smogon's OU ranking viability list

    To give an emphasis on the 2 sources, both DOTA's Keeper of the Light, Nyx Assassin, Gyrocopter, Dark Seer, and others of the first pick/ban are similar to Pokemon's Aegislash, the 2 Mega Charizards, Mega Pinsir, and Thundurus-I are placed in the S category/ First Pick/ban. They are the best of the best for the highest metagame skill. Ones that WILL always be a character to be prepared with/against.

    Then there are the middle classes of each Franchise's tier system. In Pokemon's case, Manaphy, Heatran, Tyranitar and its Mega, Mega Venusaur, Rotom-Wash, Landorus in both formes, Bisharp, Kyurem Black, Talonflame, and the rest of the other A rank pokemon are, in terms of usage both in low and high competitive, similar to DOTA's Magnataur, Queen of Pain, Luna Moonfang, Phantom Lancer, Rubick, Puck, Nature's Prophet, Lone Duruid, and Bane. They are good with some flaws.

    The rest is easily comparable in your own terms. You get the idea.

    I could go all out detailed about my other observations if you wanted me to do so my readers. But right now, there is something I want to ask to the rest of you.

    a. What are the differences between Smogon's tiering system to DOTA's tiering system?

    b. How each character from their corresponding franchise are categorized via tier? So we have DOTA's fist pick/ban to the never picked list. Then Smogon's Ubers to Neverused. And the official pokemon' not tiers except for Ubers just about all legendary pokemon (note: some legendaries are legit. Look at the muskateer trio and Keldeo)

    c. Is the official pokemon tiering system just so nearly imbalanced?

    d. What are the things that the competitive pokemon community could learn from DOTA's community when it comes to balancing characters?

    e. Other notable differences between the two in terms of the competitive field.

    I'm merely looking for answers and opinions for research because I'm interested in the OFFICIAL tiering system of Pokemon in General. Not Smogon's. So I'm curious to know about it. With better depth that is...
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