Since many people end up discussing Smash in threads where it doesn't belong, we've decided to make this thread to discuss Smash each week, especially as more people seem to watch it weekly, regardless of it being news. (We may move the thread to Anime Discussion since it's classed under that officially)

We'll keep you up to date with the episodes each week. In the meantime, here's a rundown written by Dephender

What is Pokémon Smash?

Ever since 1999, Japan has had a secondary Pokémon TV series running concurrently with the anime series. Pokémon Smash is the fourth of these series, and can largely be considered a rebranding of the third series, Pokémon Sunday, the bigget difference between the two being that whereas Sunday was primarily a comedy show with a loose Pokémon theme applied to the skits, Smash is largely centered around what goes on in the franchise at the time.

Please note that Pokémon Smash is primarily a comedy show for children promoting the franchise and showing off various new products and revelations. It occasionally shows off never-before-seen gameplay footage when demoing upcoming video games, and The Pokémon Company sometimes chooses them as the outlet to reveal certain news, but they are not, and have never been, a show focused on news, and most of the material they present as new has been promoted in other outlets earlier that week. The intended audience for these presentations are little kids who don't follow the franchise closely, not grown-ups who check Pokémon news sites multiple times a day to constantly stay up to date.

Who are the hosts of Pokémon Smash?
Pokémon Smash is run by the fictional "Pokémon Enterprise", and the various hosts are divided up in different division of the comany.

Chief Golgo
Comedian Golgo Matsumoto, member of the comedy duo TIM (an acronym for Time Is Money). He runs the show, is typically the person to introduce various segments or give out tasks to the other members, as well as yell at them when they are goofing off or otherwise not doing their jobs properly.

The Research Division: Professor Red
Comedian Red Yoshida, the other member of TIM. His primary purpose in the show is to "invent" props used for various physical comedy skits. He also acts as somewhat of a right-hand man to Golgo, and the two host various sements where they enteract with children, running quiz shows and other contests.

The Adventure Division: Director Lucario, Group Member Yamamoto (in red), Group Member Akiyama (in yellow) and Group Member Baba (in green)

Hiroshi Yamamoto, Ryuji Akiyama and Hiroyuki Baba, members of the comedy trio Robert. The Adventure Division is the "field team" of the group, and most episodes are centered around a lengthy skit they do, often together with other comedians.

The Marketing Division: Director Shoko-tan and Oshawott

"Nerd idol" and singer Shoko Nakagawa's main purpose is hosting the segments centered around Pokémon news. Oshawott runs its own occasional segment called Oshawott's Tweets, where it reminds people (via voice overs) of various event and promotions currently going on.

The International Division: Neese (in red), Noemi (in green), Niccolo (in yellow) and Maru (in white)

Half-Japanese children who seemingly serve as hosts for the target audience to identify with. They occasionally get to accompany the Adventure Division on their outings, but rarely do a whole lot beyond that.

What does Pokémon Smash cover?
An episode of Pokémon Smash is typically split into three parts.

The first part is almost always a rerun of an old anime episode. As of right now, children can write in to the show to request episodes starring their favorite Pokéon, whereas previously they have often shown episodes that somehow tie into something currently going on in the franchise, as well as theme months.

The second part is usually a skit that ties into something currently going on in the franchise. The show actively promotes the video games, the TCG, the arcade game Pokémon Tretta and the movies, as well as occasionally the TV anime series, and the skits usually tie into new or upcoming releases in one of these categories. These are usually hosted by the Adventure Division.

The third part is either a segment where Shoko-tan presents some current Pokémon news, or a battle between a TV viewer and one of the hosts. If the viewer manages to defeat the host, they get to choose one of the hosts Pokémon and have it traded to their game.

When does Pokémon Smash air?
Pokémon Smash airs on TV Tokyo every Sunday at 7:30 AM Japanese time. There is unfortunately no legal way to watch the show outside Japan, but our friends at has an up-to-date episode guide with pictures and in-depth summaries of most episodes.