-Last update in May of 2013-

Hello and welcome to my trade shop. Here, my goal is to provide friendly service to all my customers, and help get everyone what they need. To avoid questions, please rest assured that everything here is 100% legit in all ways.

To start off, here is a bit of a rundown of what I have to offer…
Pokemon LV. 1
Any starter
Eevee with egg move “Wish
Eevee with egg move “Curse
Eevee with egg moves Wish, Curse, and Yawn
Gligar with egg moves Earthquake, Dark pulse, and Ice fang

DWF Pokemon:

If there are other egg move Pokemon you want, let me know!

I can also offer EV training service!

Now for what I want…

DW Pokemon
DW Bulbasour
DW Chinchar
DWF Eevee

DW Venasour
DW Espeon
(Feel free to make offers other than the listed Pokemon)

Porygon (Or any Porygon form)
(Most shiny Pokemon, feel free to ask)

Any pokemon with 60+ ribbons

Berries 54-64
EV Training items

Please allow 1-3 days for reply.

Do note that this trade shop is primarally 5th gen, but I can trade the Eevee, Gligar, and Phionie on 4th gen if needed.

Updates in the near future!