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Thread: HeartGold or SoulSilver

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    Default HeartGold or SoulSilver

    if you HAD to pick one over another which one would you pick? i would pick SoulSilver
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    I would go with HeartGold as my HG is my main HGSS game. The reason it's my main version over SoulSilver is simply because the original Gold was my main Gen II game and I put a lot of time and effort into it. I don't have a strong preference for one set of version exclusives over the other or anything like that.
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    HG. Ho-oh is cool

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    SoulSilver for me. I liked being able to catch Lugia sooner, plus several SoulSilver version exclusives like Ledyba, Teddiursa, Meowth, and Vulpix were among my favorite Pokemon.

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    Soul Silver. It was my favorite of the two. I had more fun with it than Heart Gold.
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    I have to go with HeartGold. Mainly because I had a little more fun with it than SoulSilver. My expectations on it were lower, so I was able to have more fun with it and just play slowly as opposed to my failed attempt at completing the Pokedex in SoulSilver. I didn't catch many legendaries in HeartGold and could come back and catch them later while I had caught several in SoulSilver while the game was still the newest, which I somewhat regret in retrospect. I also thought some things were better in HeartGold, the legendary story felt better with Ho-Oh and the Bell Tower as opposed to Lugia at the Whirl Islands which felt out of place for me. Then I liked some other minor details like how the screen while using HMs were closer to Gold in HeartGold as opposed to SoulSilver where it felt more Gray than Silver to me. The version exclusives doesn't affect my choice since each game has some Pokemon I like (HeartGold has Primeape and Gliscor, while SoulSilver has Ledian and Mawile, for example), and on the whole, it is pretty even. So, my vote goes to HeartGold. Even if I am not a huge fan of these two games in general, I still liked it a little better than SoulSilver.
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    HeartGold for me. Ho-oh was always more appealing to me than Lugia was.

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