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Thread: can I create a groupin FB

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    Question Can i create a group in fb?

    greetings guys, I just want to ask if I can create a group in FB, named POKEMON Master Builders, using pokemon official logo? what are the important reminders for me to make it legal? the group main purpose is to make suggestions and discussions about how to build a set up for your pokemon in battle, hope you can help, thanks!
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    It Is Legal I Think As Long As You Change The Color Or Make It A Little Bit Different

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    I'm confused, do you mean FB as in Facebook or FB as in fizzy bubbles?

    If you mean the former, google will help you, if you mean the latter, PM a mod of fizzy bubbles.

    Edit: Just saw the poll. I'm not sure why you'd think it's okay to ask about the rules and regulations that facebook has on a site that isn't even affiliated with them.

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