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    Default Novus Rex's Pokemon Perfectum

    Ladies, gentleman, boys and girls,

    Welcome to this new shop, a place where you'll find some lovely Pokemon. The main focus are shiny pokemon, mostly flawless. Before I get to the pokemon I have to offer, a short bit of information for you all:

    1. All Serebii rules apply.
    2. No hacks. RNG and clones are fine. Most of the pokemon I trade you are RNG'ed by myself and legit, but they will be cloned from now on.
    3. All pokemon I trade you are fully redistributable, unless stated otherwise. If you trade me a pokemon that is semi- or non redistributable, the one you get in return is semi- or non redistributable aswell. This is to ensure both trading parties are equal. If you don't say anything, I will assume the pokemon is fully redistributable.
    4. Be explicit. State which pokemon you're interested in and state what you want to offer in return. Don't just say "My Celebi for your Groudon", but instead give me details abou tthe Celebi. Nature, Iv's, eggmoves, abillity, etc..
    5. All offers will be taken into consideration, but don't feel offended when I refuse an offer.
    6. My timezone is GMT+2, located in Europe (that's a seven hour time difference with Central Time zone).
    7. I have a life of my own, so do you. We'll trade when we both are able, no rush on both sides. Just.. relax! ^^,
    8. Anything wrong with the pokemon you receive? Let me know!
    9. Don't allow downloads on Pokecheck.

    !!! Note: I'm rather busy lately on my master thesis, so I'll respond a lot slower than usual. I can still trade and make deals every now and then, just not as fast as I used to. Hope you all understand ^^,

    Shopkeepers: RexNovus

    I'm not too strict on trade ratios, but it's roughly like this:
    Shiny x Shiny
    Flawless/Near Flawless Shiny x Flawless/Near Flawless Shiny
    Flawless/Near Flawless Shiny x 2 Shinies

    I have a big "wants" list: Events, shinies, flawless shinies, Dream World females. If you have an event, state which it is and what you want in return. Now, let's get to the fun part: my pokemon.

    Looking for: Male Duskull/Dusclops/Dusknoir with the move "Helping Hand" !!!

    Flawless/Near Flawless shinies

        Spoiler:- Flawless/Near Flawless shinies:

    Flawless/Near Flawless EV Trained Pokemon, level varies(50 - 100)
    All were infected with Pokerus

        Spoiler:- EV Trained Pokemon:

    More pokemon will be added. Once all my pokemon have been added, it will be stated here. Thanks for lurking, thanks for trading!

    Friend Code Black: 2538 2785 0015 (untrained pokemon)
    Friend Code White2: 3311 2468 0743 (EV trained pokemon)

    How I lost battle 96 in the Battle Subway Doubles: Video number 61-84305-82423. Hax obviously played a very large role (taking critical hits and missing 100% accuracy moves at key moments, like Ice Punch and Spore on Sand Veil Garchomp), but I admit I could've done better. Still, a darn shame.

    Just won the Master Ball with the raffles in my Novus Avenue! Talk about luck.
    Last edited by RexNovus; 7th May 2013 at 11:34 AM.
    Have respect and you will be respected.
    My timezone: GMT +2

    Black: 2538 2785 0015
    White 2: 3311 2468 0743

    Novus Rex Pokemon Perfectum Shop

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