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Thread: Pokemon Roleplay - North of Sinnoh

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    Default Pokemon Roleplay - North of Sinnoh

    You start as a (Age) year old boy/girl in a new region. Anyone can go with another person. You live in a Town that has never been in a game.
    Tell me if you want to be a Gym Leader.
    I will tell the town,cities,routes,and other when i post on this.
    Also tell if you want to be part of the bad guys.
    I need to see that people want to join first.
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    I would like to join. And also, can you make it so that the trainers can be around 13-16?

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    I'll let everyone choose what age they want to be.

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    You are expected to follow these rules if you are posting in this forum. This thread is not following them. Look around first and what is expected before posting with what you think is ok.

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