(OOC: @Accelgor: So far only Natalia didn't tell about her origin anyone but Artus.)

Natalia Denar
Meredith’s Inn

Before Artus could answer Keres, of all people, decided to show up and sat next to Natalia. He immediately had a go at her. “Mornin’ Nat.” Natalia decided to ignore him completely. There’s no way I can achieve much now that he’s here. And that was probably the last time I’ll be alone with Artus for a while. Artus seemed to be a bit irritated by Keres’ entrance as well. After the slight delay he answered Natalia’s question.

“So anyways…I haven’t really come up with anything good, but I did think of one thing.” Artus said. “I know that there’s multiple routes to get to Galvez. If we want to stay out of sight and maintain a low profile we should probably stay away from the main route.” He took a brief pause. “But I have no clue which is the next quickest route. We’re probably gonna need a map, and I’m pretty sure most of the shops in town are closed.” He stopped for a moment to take a sip of his tea. “Unless either of you guys have another idea. I’m all ears.”

At that time Ethan entered the room as well. He ordered his breakfast and joined them at the table. “Artus, Keres, Nat.” Ethan didn’t waste words on the greeting and went straight to the point. “If the main route is too rough for you lot, I know there’s a river nearby here that runs by Galvez, we can follow that.” He said “Not sure how fast it is, though.” He shrugged. Crap. There’s someone with a reasonable suggestion and I know next to nothing about the local geography. How can I top that?

Still, Natalia managed to come up with something to add. “Considering we’re in a hurry, we could hire a ferry, if we find someone to take us there. If there’s no such person we can still get at least a boat or a raft. It won’t be exactly stealthy, though.” Natalia looked around and waited for others’ opinions.