Natalia Denar

Once they were all assembled in front of the inn, they left Kale. Even the quiet girl, who introduced herself as Undine and seemed to be Ethan’s friend, was joining them.

Route to Glavez Prison

Natalia wiped the sweat off her forehead with a sleeve. As much as she hated ruining her tunic, by having sweat running in her eyes her vision was reduced. They had been walking down this path for two hours and the heat was taking its toll. Why aren’t we following the river again? Whatever happened to voting about the preferred course of action? Even if we come to Galvez we are in no state to fight an army of guards. Well, at least it’s too hot for anyone to bicker like they did this morning.

Artus’ voice interrupted her train of thought. “I need a break guys, sorry.” The most obvious place for it was in the shadow of a small nearby house. Artus sat down and had some water, which he then offered around. Natalia had her own canteen, so she didn’t have to risk getting some disease by drinking form the same flask as the others.

Natalia didn’t notice when Artus went around the corner of the house, but she did hear what he found there. “Guys…there’s a body back there…” After that things happened really fast. All of a sudden three men jumped from the roof and attacked. Two of them, who looked like twins, were led by a muscular bald man. One of the twins targeted Artus, who somehow managed to protect himself by in a duck-block-fall combination. Coelnar was the first to react and jumped to Artus’ help. “You guys can handle these two, right? I’ll go help Artus!”

Natalia noticed the assailants were armed with claws, very similar to the one Keres was wearing on his hand. Did that bastard lure us into a trap? It is his map we’re using, after all.

The other two were charging towards the rest of the group. Natalia drew her swords and extended her right arm. She pointed it towards the badly and enveloped her right hand in mana, which she quickly released as Wind Spiral. The attacker promptly fell to the ground, much like Artus had previously. Natalia grinned slightly, but had to time to capitalise on the man’s vulnerability as one of the twins were already slashing towards her head with his left hand. She repelled the attack with her sword and jumped backwards. Those guys are good. Sadly, it seems unlikely I could hire them.

Natalia then launched for an attack of her own. She went straight at her opponent, aiming at his head with the sword in her left hand as a decoy and planning to stab him in the torso with the other one. The enemy was fast enough to dodge the feint and block the second strike with one set of claws, while using the other to have another slash at her. Natalia barely managed move her left arm enough to intercept it with her bracers. She ground her teeth. Once again she was forced to move back. “Are you gonna just stand there and watch this?!” she shouted to the rest of the group.