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    Default Sun shine

    This sun team is a new one and I want it to be reviewed before using it in competitions, in showdown it was pretty good, but I want some opinions.

    Hp 252/Def 120/Spe 136

    Ninetales is my weather inducer, and thanks to his EVs spread it can take attacks from types it resists and try to damage them with Flamethrower or Solarbeam, Will-o-Wisp is here to stall some physical threats and Blissey/Chansey and Roar let me phaze opponent's pokemon and take out pokemon that set up, like Reuniclus and Scrafty.

    HP 232/Def 24/Spe 252
    Sleep Powder

    Jumpluff in the sun cannot be outspeed almost by nothing, only by set up pokemon, his EVs spread lets it take some damage and be faster so won't be outspeed, Sleep Powder is the main attack letting opponent sleep and then U-Turn let Jumpluff scout for danger, Encore traps set up pokemon, and Memento weakens threats like Latios.

    Jolteon@choice specs
    Timid/Volt Absorb
    Def 4/SpA 252/Spe 252
    HD Ice
    Shadow Ball
    Signal Beam

    Jolteon is my Sp Sweeper, his EVs spread will make him faster and hit harder, Thunderbolt is his primary STAB and hits Politoed really hard taking out the rain setter, HD Ice takes out Dragon- type pokemon and 3OHKO Hippowdown, Shadow Ball hits Ghost- types and Signal Beam is for Dark- and Psychic- types

    Forretres@shed shell
    HP 252/Def 252/SpD 4
    Rapid Spin
    Volt Switch
    Stealth Rock

    Forretres is my wall/anti entry hazard and entry hazard set upper, his ability and EVs spread will let me put at least Stealth Rock or Rapid Spin entry hazards, shed shell is to not let Foreetres getting trapped, while Volt Switch lets him scout for some damage.

    Terrakion@choice scarf
    HP 4/Atk 252/Spe 252
    Close Combat
    Sacred Sword
    Stone Edge

    This Terrakion set is one to hit and OHKO without being hit back, his EVs spread maximizes his Atk and Spe and thanks to the choice scarf there aren't lots of pokemon that can outspeed Terrakion, Close Combat is the reliable STAB to OHKO most pokemon. Sacred Sword is the option if you cant' OHKO the opponent and not lowering defenses, Stone Edge his secondary STAB that can defeat most threats that don't resist, and X-Scissors is to OHKO Psychic- types.

    HP 240/Def 252/SpA 16
    Grass Knot

    Why a water pokemon in a sun team?Well, Slowbro's place here is to check the other weather inducers except Politoed(there's Jolteon for that), his EVs spread will make durable and hit hard,while switching him will heal him, Psyshock,the primary STAB, is to kill Tentacruel, Keldeo and Blissey/Chansey, Scald is the secondary STAB and can burn lowering physical damage and serves to OHKO Tyranitar, Grass Knot is to take out other water pokemon and ground pokemon especially Hippowdown and Flamethrower during sun is to OHKO most steel types and grass types and Abomasnow attempting to put on hail.

    Well, this is my sun team and I would thank you if you rate it.
    Honorable mention to pokemon who almost made into this team:Gastrodon, Heatran, Dragonite, Sawsbuck and Xatu

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    You only have 1 thing that actually makes use of the Sun, Jumpluff, and for what you're doing with it you might as well be using Whimsicott to be honest. Terrakion loses the Water weakness but besides that, nothing. Slowbro even gets weaker, and it doesn't appreciate SolarBeams. I really think you need more sun abuse. Volcarona, Sawsbuck, Venusaur and Heatran are all fantastic in Sun and if you need to get rid of Politoed, TrapperTran will demolish all variants if used right.
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    - Smogon's Castform analysis

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    Hello Rapidgator, interesting team you have here.

    Needless to say, this teams seems to lack a decent Sun abuser outside or Jumpluff; whom cannot dent anything no matter how much it tries at the moment. Such magnificent Sun abusers include but are not limited to Arcanine, Infernape, Victini, Heatran, Volcarona, Venusaur & Sawsbuck.

    I agree with Loco1234 that Slowbro is somewhat out of place. That said, you mention that its Scald serves as a OHKO to Tyranitar, but it can barely push a 3HKO while under Sand. Even so, Sun weakens it power as well, meaning both scenarios aren't gonna score you a OHKO. A way to improve Slowbro's effectiveness on the team would be to use Calm SR Heatran over Forretress & change Slowbro's spread to Bold: 252 Hp/ 252 Def/ 4 Sp.Attack. A support set of Psyshock, Flamethrower/Ice Beam, Slack Off & Thunder wave may work under such circumstance. From a glance, it seems that you lose coverage against Tyranitar, however, you still have Terrakion for coverage.

        Spoiler:- Slowbro & Heatran:

    Next, you could add another decent Chlorophyll abuse like Venusaur in over Jumpluff, as the Timid variant Venusaur outpace even Scarfed Latios and can put them to sleep w/ Sleep Powder just as effectively. However with Venusaur, you can then proceed to set up Growth giving you +2 in Sp.Attack and Attack and follow through with a potential sweep. Adding to this benefit is the synergy that Venusaur and Heatran share. A standard set for Venusaur I'd suggest would be Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb/HP(Fire), Growth & Sleep Powder with a Timid nature and a spread of 252 Sp.Attack/ 252 Speed/ 4 Hp. Life Orb is the prefered option for an item, however, Black Sludge is sometimes used, too.

        Spoiler:- Venusaur:

    Finally, to add a bit of physical presence to your team outside of Terrakion, Victini is an excellent option over Jolteon(Yes, Jolteon) as the Christmas Event Victini gained a powerful attack in Bolt Strike; which even Bold variant Politoed fear to take a hit from. It also sustained its STAB V-Create, which is completely monstrous under Sun. I personally use a Trick variant because it tends to stop set up sweepers like Dragonite, Salamence and Volcarona in their tracks along with annoying some shufflers and setters. That said, it is always an option to run full offensive Victini w/ V-Create, Bolt Strike, Brick Break/Zen Headbutt & U-Turn. Normally, Jolly is prefered, but Adamant works too in some cases.

        Spoiler:- Victini:

    That about sums up the changes I'd make to the team. It covers some of the glaring weaknesses noticed before, such as Scarfed Mamoswine, opposing Terrakion, etc. Best of luck with the team & I hope this was of some help.
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    I couldn't get a christmas Vicitini, because I don`t live in Japan, and I'm thinking in changing Jumpluff,even though i like it very much, by some Chlorophyll sweeper, I haven't chosen it yet, the Slowbro set seems good and I'm thinking in using it, I'm still thinking in removing Forretres because he is my rapid spinner and without him I would be vulnerable to entry hazards.
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