other options

i put these up for the other options they've either not been mentioned or not mentioned very much. Mostly just because this week seems somewhat threadbare.
Toxic-While a good status to inflict breviary is better off pure attacking
Sky Attack-generally inferior to brave bird. Though it would be a powerful hit. does get STAB
Hone claws-Braviary rarely has time for this but I suppose it could be useful
Giga impact- 1 power attack but you probably won’t last the turn afterward. I guess you could use it as a move of last resort when you now it won’t survive but I wouldn't recommend it. Does get stab
Thrash-powerful but with obvious downside. Does get STAB
Facade- Braviary doesn't get hit with enough status to be of much use but it does get STAB and could have some use i guess
Retaliate-potentially useful depending on how it is used but it does get STAB
Attract- I suppose you could use this as a joke. Male only species flirting but not really useful
Swagger- not the best option for Braviary but it is an option