I am doing a regular White 2 playthrough. I want to finish the game to do the aftergame stuff and to competitive battle.

I want to have a good team and enjoy beating the Elite 4. My current team is:
Snivy lv. 55- @Draco Plate- Leaf Blade, Coil, Giga Drain, Dragon Rush
Ampharos lv. 55 @Scope Lens- Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Discharge, Thunderpunch
Vespiquen lv. 55 @ Flying Gem- Acrobatics, Attack Order, Defend Order, Cut
Starmie lv. 55 @Mystic Water- Psychic, Waterfall, Surf, Toxic
Camerupt lv. 55 @Quick Claw- Flamethrower, Earthquake, Strength, Will-O-Wisp
Mienshao lv. 55 @Shell Bell- Fake Out, U-Turn, Jump Kick, Double Hit

I have a flyer but it is not part of my main team. I wonder if I should train up Braviary instead of Vespiquen, but here are my concerns.

-I love using Vespiquen, I haven't used it too much before.
-I do not know if I will have enough type coverage for psychics if I use Braviary instead.
-The only problem I have with Vespiquen is that it's not too powerful and it is kind of slow.

What should I use? I would love to have Braviary because he is powerful and can learn fly.