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Thread: Are there a lot of previous gen Pokemon in Platinum?

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    Default Are there a lot of previous gen Pokemon in Platinum?

    Obviously after the Pokedex, as the only game that has allowed you to catch previous gen pokemon before the national dex was Heart Gold

    Hoenn and Johto and Kanto Pokemon would help my Pokedex on Black 2 :P Also, last question, is trading Pokemon from Platinum to Black2 easy? Is it the Pal Park?
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    Yes, there are a lot. Here's a list on the site of Pokemon you can't find in Platinum.

    Transferring from Platinum (or any 4th gen game) to 5th gen requires a second DS (or 3DS). No Pal Park - rather wifi transmission. After beating BW/B2W2 you can go to a transfer lab building in which you connect to the other game via DS Download Play. You just choose the pokes you want to transfer from that on the 2nd DS (no items sadly) and then play a minigame; after that your Pokemon get sent over. More info is here.

    Please use the Help thread sticky at the top of the section next time you have a question. Closed.

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