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    Default Jalapeno's Game Scene Shop

    Welcome to my shop, here I make scences from games, please note that they can't be used in the caption contest though.


    Which game:
    Town or route:
    Characters: (I can use custom sprites)
    Name of Texter:
    Anything special: (Tree, Pokedoll, Pokemon, ect.)

    Credit goes to Spriters resource and Photobucket!
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    hey fusionist, it's been a while
    i have a request, if you don't mine
    game: r/s
    route: rt. 119, at the part where small stairset leads down (where you can surf). have the male character fishing
    caption: Looking for everyone's favorite headache...
    if you could make it night, that would be awesome, if not it's fine
    thanks in advance

    Owner of the Desert Pokemon Club
    (banner c/o ♠Jamie♠)

    (Sprite c/o ♠Blood Bountou♠, wbg by S-H-U-P-P-E-T)

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    Magma Instinct Guest


    I'm almost done, just have to add text, and go to school

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    Altair Guest


    Hi .::Fusionist::., can i have these two game scenes:

    Place: inside the southeast house in pacifidlog town
    Character: old man tells male character "I see Mirage Island today!"

    Place: Route 131
    Character: Male character is surfing and is in front of sky pillar.
    Caption: Male character says "What the hell? Why, that stupid old SOB liar!"

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