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Thread: What was the day that changed your life?

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    December 2008: My grandfather passed away after batting cancer.
    May 2011: I realized I wasn't hanging out with the right people, and met the most amazing friends in the world as a result.
    Two weeks from now: I'll graduate high school and begin my adult life.
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    February 13th, 2012. It was the beginning of one lonnnnng roller coaster ride. Granted, I think it was more miserable than anything. Then came August 9th of the same year, which I was finally released from the evil grasp. I was SO thrilled, but then arrived December 21st where I made a dumb mistake (wasn't because of the end of the world propaganda if that's what you're thinking)
    but a coincidence, actually.
    Needless to say, I was miserable all over again until January 30th of this year, where I FINALLY was set free for real. I've learned a really valuable lesson from it all.
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    I've never really put much thought into the days that changed me. But, if it counts, a lot of people that have walked into my life have changed me.

    The day I became official with my first serious boyfriend was the day I'd never be the same person again. He put me through so much misery time and time again, but as that time went by, I slowly became...strong, for lack of a better word. Before that, I was an emotional trainwreck. I could never find the strength to stand up for myself, or even talk back when necessary. Despite the times he would hurt me, he was also my rock in my times of need. Definitely a roller-coaster.

    He may not be my boyfriend anymore, and he may have said sorry for all the wrongs he's done, but the time I spent with him molded me into a strong woman. I never accept -bleep- from anyone anymore, zero tolerance for that. And happen to be more cautious for myself now.

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    Some day in 1999: I don't remember the exact day: I got into Pokemon at the age of 5, thanks to the anime.

    The first day of the schoolyear 2011/2012: The worst bully who ever bullied me started bullying me, causing me to go through the worst time of my life.

    30 January 2013: My first, only and current relationship! My awesome girlfriend gave me more self-confidence about my personality and appearance, she caused my unhealthy Pokemon-related obsessions to become healthy, and she makes me so happy! <3

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