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    Default Cyndaquil and Pikachu - Explorers Of The Unknown - Reformatted

    I would rate this Fan Fiction 'G', since its violence is toned down to mild levels, like the Pokemon Anime. The rules say that the Pokemon Anime is 'G' and this will not be more violent, inappropriate, etc. than that.

    Also, I am an Indian. We follow British English and so, we have slightly different spellings than Americans. For example, 'color' is 'colour' in India.

    In this story, Flamy is a Silent Protagonist. All his speech will be written as indirect speech.

    Let us begin, then. This is reformatted, to follow the rules.

        Spoiler:- Chapter List:

        Spoiler:- PM List:

    CHAPTER - I - Mysterious Events

    A pink figure floated in the forest. As the fog got dense, Flamy lost track of it. He had heard a sound too... a strange sound, as if it were a warning.

    Flamy was a curious Cyndaquil. He had a long snout and small forelegs, but big hind legs, which enabled him to run very fast. He had goldenish red fur and cream coloured skin. He was about the size of a rabbit.

    The forest was facing a blizzard, its trees covered in snow. In the darkness, the branches of the trees seemed to be long, scary hands, reaching out to grab Flamy. Flamy had lost his way when he had tried to find out what the pink figure was. He could see no sign of any life in the forest except himself. Strangely, Flamy was not freezing up, but okay with the temperature, despite the fact that it was a blizzard, at night.


    After some time, Flamy stumbled into his village, exhausted. He slowly went to his hole, where he lived.

    Inside the hole, Flamy had made a bed out of hay. The hole might have had been small, but it was small and cozy. Flamy lied down and prepared to sleep. Suddenly, Flamy felt something under the hay. He sat up, searched the hay and found a book.

    It was a thin book, with the cover entirely coloured in Indigo. Nothing else was written on the cover.

    Flamy, puzzled, opened the book, only to find something even more puzzling. All the pages were pitch black, with nothing written or drawn on them... except the first page. Flamy strained his eyes to read in the darkness. The page, being black, made it impossible to read in the dark.

    Flamy took a bunch a hay and used Ember on it, setting it alight, so that it gave enough light for Flamy to see.

    Flamy now managed to read the symbols. They were blue, strange symbols, each having something that looked like a single eye. Flamy soon realized that these symbols, while seeming bizarre and otherworldly, were shaped like the English Alphabet. Flamy could make out what they said :-


    The extremely confused Flamy, sat for a while, trying to decode the code. However, Flamy was too tired after exploring the forest and getting lost that he did not have enough energy to think clearly. You would think that Flamy, being a native, would know his way in the forest well, but the truth was that the forest's paths changed everyday. Flamy decided to try and solve the puzzle the next morning. He put the book beside the hay. He lied down and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the hay.

    That night, Flamy had a weird dream. The pink figure that Flamy had seen in the forest was flying in the sky, among the dark storm clouds. The figure let out a cry. Its cry, like before, sounded like a warning. It was unclear due to the fact that thunder rumbled loudly all around. Lightning flashed and everything went white.


    The next morning, Flamy woke up early at dawn. Flamy still could not believe the events of last night. They were a foggy memory in Flamy's mind, partly because he was too tired at the time and partly because people usually do not remember the events which take place just before they fall asleep. He, however remembered the book. It was... not there. Because of the fact that the events were a foggy memory, Flamy decided that they were just a dream. He went out of the hole.

    The village looked simply beautiful at dawn. Though its beauty, from Flamy's point of view cannot be described. He loved his village. It was his birthplace and the only place that he could call home. The golden sunlight of dawn made the snow shine. Remarkably, flowers grew despite the cold and snow. They were still standing despite the blizzard last night. This made Flamy feel that the village was special... he felt that the spirit of the village supported the flowers and other plants... it allowed them to survive. Many Pokemon flew in the sky. From Swablu to Skarmory. Flamy had heard Legends that all Pokemon had at least one... and up to two types. They were just a Legend, but Flamy felt that there was some truth in it. After all, all Legends start with truth... and they are then influenced by people's beliefs. They might also be influenced due to the listener's misunderstanding! Anyway, a very light fog made the place look magical. Seeing his village at dawn always made Flamy feel energetic... like he could do anything. He immediately forgot all about the mysterious events. The clear, wide open sky made him feel free, like no one could control him, no one could force him to do wrong deeds. Unlike the cities where many people live, most of the inhabitants of the village were awake.

    Cobalion was the leader of the village... he had once fought with his life to save the village... and he succeeded. Cobalion, with his partners, Terrakion, who looked fearsome, but was actually quite gentle and Virizion, who stayed calm, no matter the odds or circumstances, was overlooking the village from above a hill. Flamy felt safe in their presence. They had a kind of aura... something that reminded Flamy about the Legends about Legendary Pokemon that he had heard. Could Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion actually be Legendaries? Flamy's thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

    "Hi, Flamy!" said an upbeat voice. It was Skip, Flamy's best friend. Skip was a Pikachu, with red cheeks and a zigzag tail, shaped like a lightning bolt. Like Flamy, Skip had a different colour than others of its species. Unlike most Pikachu in the world, Skip's fur was darker than the normal colour. Though the difference was small, it was noticeable.

    "Are you angry with me for some reason?" asked Skip. "You didn't come to meet me at all yesterday!"

    Hearing this, Flamy explained that he got lost in the forest and the mysterious events. This shocked Skip.

    "Are you sure that all this was not your imagination?" inquired Skip, but let out a sigh of relief when Flamy said that he was not.

    Flamy was relieved, too, to have told someone about the events.

    "AHEM!" said Cobalion, suddenly, startling everyone in the village. "I have an announcement to make," he continued. "This is a great honour for our village. Lady Gardevoir, who can see the future, has come to our village."

    Everyone shifted their gazes to Lady Gardevoir, who did not stand out before.

    "Thank you for introducing me, Sir Cobalion," she said. "Yes, inhabitants of this village, I sensed that there was something important destined for this village. Please, come to me in duos, so that I can make the prophecy."

    The villagers were excited, hearing this. They came forward in duos, but Gardevoir shook her head each time, disappointing the villagers.

    "No, it is not you. It is someone else."

    Finally, it was the turn of Flamy and Skip. They came forward, nervously, to be meeting Lady Gardevoir in person. Gardevoir closed her eyes. After a few seconds, she opened them. Flamy and Skip expected her to say that they were not the ones, either, but were surprised when Gardevoir said nothing. Trickles of sweat formed on her face. Gardevoir, was clearly frightened and she started to get dizzy.

    "D-disaster...", she said and then fainted.

    Flamy and Skip, as well as all the rest of the village were shocked. The whole village looked at Flamy and Skip, bewildered. It was clear that they were going to attack them. However, they were interrupted by the firm voice of Cobalion.

    "Stop. How can you be thinking that they might be the cause of the... disaster...?" he said. It was clear that he was not sure himself, but he was doing his best to protect Flamy and Skip. "I trust Gardevoir, but she must be meaning someone else."

    "Also," said Terrakion, "She was dizzy, she probably mumbled some random words."

    "Besides," added Virizion. "We must now shift our concern to Lady Gardevoir. She is not well."

    No one dared to counter them and returned to their businesses.


    That night, Flamy could not sleep. He was thinking of what Gardevoir had said. He trusted Cobalion and was grateful to him, but he could not help feeling that he had a role to play in all this. The pink figure had tried to warn him. To warn him about a disaster. He had decided. He had to do... it.

    Please review!
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    Onward to the second chapter! Two full pages in Microsoft Word! Did anyone manage to decode the secret code in the first post, yet? Though this is two full pages in Microsoft Word, it is shorter than the previous chapter, since this one focuses on the interaction between Cobalion and Flamy. I did not add more since I did not want Flamy getting into trouble in the same chapter in which we have our heartwarming interaction.

    CHAPTER – II - Handling Emotions

    During the time when the first rays of sunlight reached the village, the village was quiet, everyone asleep. No sound could be heard… not even a single soul stirred.

    At least, it seemed that way. Flamy was busy, preparing to leave the village. He was quiet. Completely quiet. He did not utter a word. He did not have the heart to do so.

    Outside his hole, he looked around to find the village with its usual beauty… but something was missing. Flamy could actually sense that the village was in pain.
    It was… groaning, even sobbing. Flamy could not bear it. He deeply cared for his village and he did not want to leave it, though he knew that it was the right thing to do. All this was for the good of his village. He could sacrifice almost anything for its sake.

    Flamy’s eyes grew damp, slowly becoming wet. The water formed into tears, trickling down his snout and to the ground. Flamy suddenly found him crying silently.

    “Flamy,” said a voice, interrupting his thoughts. “I know how you feel…”

    Flamy turned around to find Cobalion, whose face was serious, as usual, but he seemed to be recalling something… something that made him sad. Cobalion’s eyes told Flamy that he had been through a similar situation.

    “Flamy…” Cobalion continued. “I know that you love your village. I do too. That is why I once put my life on the line for the safety of this village. I know what you are thinking. You think that you are the one who is causing the village this pain…”

    Flamy held his breath. He did not know what to say.

    “However…” Cobalion closed his eyes. “I do not believe it. I trust you.” Cobalion opened his eyes, giving Flamy one of his rare smiles. “And… you have to trust me, too.”

    Flamy was speechless. Flamy now realized why Cobalion was the leader, despite Terrakion’s immense strength and Virizion’s blinding speed. Flamy’s sadness was now replaced with a new feeling – courage and hope. He nodded, now confident. Cobalion trusted him… and he simply had to trust Cobalion in return.

    “Very well,” said Cobalion. “I trust that you would find the cause of the disaster… and put an end to it. However, you are not alone. We will all support you.”

    Flamy was surprised as Cobalion hit a nearby tree, causing it to drop a few Oran Berries.

    “Take these. You would need them.”

    Flamy was grateful beyond measure. He embraced Cobalion, who was surprised, but did not attempt to stop him. Then, Flamy, for the first time in his life, saw the sun rise. It was a beautiful sight. As the sun rose, Flamy’s spirits rose, too. He felt that he could take on the whole world.

    Flamy, grateful to Cobalion for everything, started heading for the forest. While running, he could hear Cobalion wishing him good luck.


    Flamy walked through the forest, which fortunately had a straight path today, so far. He could feel the cool breeze in his face. He could also hear the chirping of the bird Pokemon, from Tailow to Chatot. The Altaria were singing a beautiful song. The forest was as usual, filled with battling Pokemon, training to get stronger. Flamy, too joined in, weakening a Starly with Tackle and then defeating it with Ember. They praised each other for their strength, after which they shared an Oran Berry to replenish their health.

    Moving forward, Flamy found three paths, soon realizing that the Forest Maze started from this point onward.

    Flamy decided to continue straight.

    His journey had just begun!
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    This is pretty good, actually. And yes, I've decoded the message - considering the idea of prophecy, I'm interested to see how the character referred to will be portrayed, as well as how the characters themselves decode it.

    The basic concept itself is simple, however you pace it quite well. Nothing seems to happen too quickly and you have the right number of events in each chapter. Rushing things is a common issue in some early fanfics. I quite like how you write dialogue as well; not too rushed or long, and is mostly quite natural (except when Skip says 'did not' and 'would not', 'didn't' and 'wouldn't' may be better in this context, as using contractions is normally used to make dialogue seem casual while not using it makes it sound formal, which works for the Legendaries).

    Your description is very visual and helps to create a good image for the reader. However, I would think about including details of the character's personality along with the description; for instance, if Flamy is curious, you could say that he was skipping on his strong legs or his snout was twitching. This could make it more interesting. I also think you could be a little more descriptive in scenes such as the fight with the Starly or Flamy's dream, however the description you do have is good, I just think it might be good to have a little more of it.

    I'm also a little confused about Gardevoir's scene. She comes and says that she has a prophecy, but she doesn't say why she needs to see the villagers in order to make it, or why they have to come in pairs specifically as opposed to individually. This may need more explanation.

    While I think you could show Flamy and Skip's personalities a little more, it's still clear that they have emotions and thoughts - they aren't totally flat characters. I especially liked how you handled Cobalion, he feels like an authority yet clearly with his own feelings as well. I'm interested to hear his backstory.

    Also, while I liked Flamy's musings about the leaders being Legendaries, the usage of legend while talking about types seems a bit odd. A legend usually means a story, so it doesn't quite make sense when talking about types to me. Also, I noticed that both Flamy and Skip seem to be shinies. As shiny Pokemon are very rare, does this have any special meaning to the story? And is there any reason why Flamy is a silent protagonist (e.g. Is he mute)?

    Finally, I just want to point out a typo: you have a speech mark at the end of 'Stop!' when Cobalion is actually still talking.

    Anyway, I think this fanfic is good quality, there are just a few things that may need adjusting. Good luck writing this!

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    Also, Chibi_Muffin, thank you for the review, I appreciate it.

    About Skip's Dialogue, I have been using full forms of words for quite some time, myself, I have not used a single contraction in the whole forum, but as you say, I will use it in casual dialogue for my Fan Fiction characters.

    About Gardevoir, I will not reveal it just yet. We have a few chapters to go before the revelation.

    In this Fan Fiction, the Pokemon have no knowledge about Types, considering it a legend. This will one particular Pokemon into trouble, very soon. As for Flamy and Skip being shinies, while no others are mentioned to be like that, I am sure you know that they are...

        Spoiler:- Spoiler Warning - Insignificant And Obvious Plot Relevance:

    About Flamy being a Silent Protagonist, in the Games, including Mystery Dungeon, the Protagonists have never said direct speech. Even in Mystery Dungeon, we only read their thoughts. They just 'walk'... to talk.

    As for the typo, it is now corrected.

    About the code, if anyone REALLY wonder what it says...

        Spoiler:- Warning - The Decoded Code!:

    Also, did anyone understand what the blue, otherworldly symbols were?
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    This Is a cool fan fiction, the plot I saw was amazing

    The code was confusing, but It was a good way of putting us on the edge!
    I like the fact that Cyndaquil Is the one who cares most, like a true hero

    It's like Pokemon, mystery dungeon, I love that Game! I love this story too
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    CHAPTER III ~ The Misery of Being Different

    Flamy straightened up. This region of the forest was abnormally dark, almost seeming to be foreshadowing something... something tragic. It may have been only the darkness... but the leaves of the trees seemed worn out and dull... as if they had given in to despair. The branches of the trees seeming like hands out to grab Flamy, which was especially strange considering he had departed from his village at dawn and had spent merely a couple of hours since then. Flamy, being unusually genre savvy this time, knew that this was not good. Good thing he had read up on a fair share of stories - he knew how they went.

    All the same, Flamy did not get too overconfident. He was timid by nature and he knew his limitations. He was not as optimistic as a 'stereotypical main' character. He could be described as a bit pessimistic, actually.

    The darkness seemed depressing to Flamy. He shifted around restlessly. He felt the hope he felt at first washing away, slipping away from his hands... or paws. However, at the same time, his curiousity was pressing him. How did this happen? Why did this happen? He had no idea, as he twitched his nose around. He suddenly realized that whatever he did, he had to do fast. He wanted to cross the forest - this region of the forest, at least - as soon as possible. He began to run, slowly catching up speed.

    He kept running for a while, easy for him, being the energetic and athletic Cyndaquil he was. However, he felt a lot of sweat trickling down his fur... or was it sweat? As fate would have it, Flamy looked up to find it raining. The raindrops progressively picked up speed, as they skyrocketed to the ground. Flamy slowed down, sighing. It was seeming like his thoughts had made this happen. However, his pessimistic thoughts were interrupted by the realization that he had to find shelter. He could not hope to cross the forest anytime soon - not with the rain, at least.

    At least he was not alone. Pokemon all around his ran - and flew - all around him, in attempts to find shelter. Flamy himself, set off immediately, struggling to run in the debilitating rain.

    And then, he found it. He finally found it - a cave. His relief knew no bounds as he rushed into in and then stopped abruptly. He was unusually exhausted, perhaps due to the rain. He shook himself, like a puppy, sprinkling rainwater everywhere.

    Flamy looked around. The cave was dank and dark, much to the annoyance of the little Fire Type. Something told him someone was - or had been there, as the place seemed to have unnatural claw marks. This observation something mildly disturbing for him - there seemed to be no one inside, besides him. Surely, some other Pokemon would attempt to find shelter in this cave, too? He had not noticed any Pokemon running into the cave. However, he had not seen any Pokemon deliberately avoiding the cave, either. He had not been very observant, after all, due to the rain weakening his senses - and ability to think.

    "Again. You're back." said a voice, startling Flamy. "Was taunting me with the offer of friendship last time not enough? Friendship. Hmph. That rubbish is the biggest source of betrayal. You may not understand, but I have witnessed it myself. You are using more of your tricks?! You have come with a different appearance? As expected. Friendship is weakness. It makes you cowardly... as you acted last time."

    A creature came out of the deeper parts of the cave. It had a mainly green body, striped with blue, along with blue horns. Its wings were mainly green, but golden around the edges. Its eyes were also a dazzling golden... but something made Flamy feel that they had kind of... lost their shine.

    "I don't need you. I've said that before. I don't need ANYONE!" said the Flygon, clearly hating Flamy's presence. "Why've you come back for more?! I shall never change my mind!"

    The astonished Flamy stood, unable to move. He had never seen such a creature, never encountered someone so hostile while alone. This Pokemon was clearly angry - very angry.

    "It's time. About time you are punished." said Flygon, as he exhaled a colourful and powerful gust of breath, concentrated into a powerful beam.

    Flamy's instincts took over as he barely avoided the Dragonbreath, which had created a small pit in the ground with its sheer power.

    "No longer. You can run, but not hide. Screw that, you can't run, either!" announced Flygon, exhaling more of the same move.

    The rain had done a number on Flamy, who was exhausted. His attempt to dodge the attack failed. He was bewildered and exhausted, causing the usually quick Flamy to not be able to avoid the attack. Flamy collapsed out of the sheer pain.

    "Pathetic. Don't you realize yet?! Friendship has done this to you. You've been dependent, absolutely nothing without your so called... friends. I'll end this now." shouted Flygon as he flew at Flamy, his claw out.

    "OH NO, YOU DON'T!" shouted another, mildly high-pitched voice. The figure tackled Flygon with blinding speed, who was barely a foot away from Flamy. "Are you okay, Flamy?!"

    Flamy could not believe his eyes, his relief beyond measure upon seeing Skip. However, his relief turned to worry once again, when Flygon rose again.

    "Ergh." said Flygon, annoyed, but only mildly phazed. "Great. Gang up on me now. You'll face the consequences, anyway."

    "You don't know what true friendship is," said Skip, dodging the incoming Dragonbreath. "Friendship is not just being together. It's a strong feeling of affection... that feeling that one cares about another!"

    "N-no! That's not true!" said Flygon. "Friendship is all an illusion! My comrades ditched me! I was betrayed! They left me and never returned! Just... just because I was different..."

    "That CAN'T be true! There must have been some reason! It's all a misunderstanding!"

    "Had it been so, they would have returned! Fine then, I shall destroy your so called... friend first." said Flygon, launching a powerful Dragonbreath at Flamy.

    "FLAMY! NO!"

    Flamy and Flygon alike gasped.

    "Why?! Why did you take the hit for him?!"

    "Because... because I care..." said Skip, as he lost consciousness.


    Those who had already decoded the message may have known that Flygon would be coming, eventually. Maybe it is strange to find its actions contrary to the message? However, its characteristics and personality had not been indicated in any way in that message, after all. This chapter focuses primarily on its behaviour and interaction with our main characters. The base of its backstory has been stated, but a more detailed version shall be narrated by Flygon himself, when he makes another appearance.
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    AWildMew this was so amazing and is one of those thing i would read over and over and over again, great job i can't really critique it as i am no better though XD so once again; this was incredible

    ~Apo Luc

    Thankz to Astral Shadow for the team pose, and Myself for the banner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apocalylpse Lucario View Post
    AWildMew this was so amazing and is one of those thing i would read over and over and over again, great job i can't really critique it as i am no better though XD so once again; this was incredible

    ~Apo Luc
    Thank you, but I suggest you do not post at all if you do not intend to review.


    CHAPTER IV ~ Tempting Fate

    The mountain was rugged, the environment harsh. Plants struggled to grow there and the Pokémon struggled to survive. The place was perfect for rumination, with a low amount of population. It was not difficult to find a quiet and peaceful place.

    A large quadruped, its aqua blue fur shimmering in the daylight, stood at the edge of a cliff, its posture straight and disciplined. Its majestic horns stood tall, the Pokémon’s chin raised. Its eyes were closed, with what seemed to be wrinkles around them.

    “What is the matter?” asked a bovine, quadruped, its voice as heavy as its body. Its large horns curved forward, its skin beige and its fur grey. It looked quite fierce, but its gentle orange eyes suggested otherwise.

    “It is… nothing,” Cobalion opened his eyes. His gaze was full of a strange kind of pain. Whatever the pain was caused due to was definitely not physical. Cobalion was a sturdy, yet nimble creature. Physical pain was hard to inflict upon him.

    “Well… err…” Terrakion did not know what to say. He respected his leader. If Cobalion wanted some time to himself, then so be it. At the same time, however, he also saw Cobalion as a friend and like a friend, he was concerned about him.

    “So, what is ‘nothing’?” asked a third, soft, feminine voice, as the creature smiled at her own wits, as it walked gracefully and nimbly into the scene. The deer-like creature, like its companions, had a black forehead, surrounded by two majestic horns on two sides. This creature, however, had horns which extended horizontally, curling up at the ends. Its skin was a very light cream in colour and its fur green, adorned with blazes of red in several places.

    “What nothing is, you ask?” replied Cobalion, trying to make up a good excuse to evade Terrakion and Virizion’s justified concern. He had been looking wearier as the day passed, seemingly looking older and older. He had been standing on the cliff with his eyes closed all day and would have continued, had his companions not interrupted.

    “Nothing… is ‘it’,” Cobalion was not going to let himself be outwitted so easily. He did not chuckle at his reply, for he was not in the mood for any humour. It was as if his mind was actually somewhere else.

    “I do not consider that an adequate definition,” Virizion tried harder to coax the answer out of her leader. Her eyes narrowed, the expression on her face tightened. She was not going to take any indirect answers from her leader. She was worried about him as it was, but this made her think he was not even paying attention to her.

    “It would not end like last time… would it?” Cobalion seemed to make himself flinch while speaking. He had shown weakness… and he knew it.

    “Last time?” asked an intrigued Terrakion, having no recollection of what Cobalion was talking about. His mind was clouded further by the fact that he had noticed Cobalion show weakness, which was extremely rare for his leader, as he apparently had a will of steel.

    “Stop being so cryptic, Cobalion,” Virizion’s voice grew sharper. “Get to the point. We have endured a lot with you. A little more shall not hurt.” She did not like the fact that Cobalion did not care for them enough at the moment.

    “I am talking about… Flamy,” Cobalion’s voice was unusually low. His eyes had a distant look, as if he was staring at a far off location.

    “It is… justified…” concluded Virizion, her face suddenly overcome with an incredible amount of concern, as she spontaneously remembered the fate of her closest pupil.

    “I trust him,” Terrakion contradicted their thoughts. “I trust him to not let us down. We have done what we can. There is no use worrying now. Besides, I am sure he shall return.”

    “But… what if he ends up like Kel-” mused the green Sword of Justice.

    “Enough!” Terrakion raised his already heavy voice. “I said that we have no use worrying. Is that not correct, Cobalion?”

    There was no reply.


    This chapter mainly had some foreshadowing, which is not relevant just yet, but would be, later. This chapter mainly consisted of the conversation between the Swords of Justice, so I tried to add a lot of description to make the chapter more interesting.

    I think people would have guessed who "Kel" is. It is obviously not the full name, as Virizion was cut short, mid-speech.
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    CHAPTER V - Soul Searching

    Flygon landed on the ground, stunned. His heartbeat sped up, and he stood motionless. He held his breath, waiting for the Pikachu to get back up, and attack him yet again. Surely, it would not jump in the way of the attack if it could not endure it?

    Flygon felt strange. He could have swooped over, slashed Flamy with a powerful claw, cloaked with Dragon Type energy, either heavily injuring him… but he could not. He simultaneously had the ability to do so, yet not the thought. His mind could not quite process what had happened. It was as if his mind was being overloaded, transitioning into a Blue Screen of Death.

    A chill slowly ran up Flygon’s spine, as his heart grew somewhat warmer. The feeling spread through his body, and something inside called him out him for what he had done. He did not know why it happened. His prey should have cared only about its own survival. Why had the Pikachu come for the Cyndaquil? It could have left it to die, and escaped on its own. It would have been perfectly safe. The rain was unpleasant, but it was better to stay out in the rain than to die, and Flygon assumed that the Pikachu was smart enough to know this. It was quite obvious that Flygon was too powerful for either of them. But no, it had come back for it.

    Flygon wanted to think that the Pikachu had something against it. Perhaps it had wanted to take revenge. That would explain why the Pikachu had attacked him. It was not doing it for the Cyndaquil. Flygon tried hard to remember a conflict with a Pikachu in the past. He was determined to remember some incident, or even convince himself that such an event occurred, but he could not quite get himself to do so.

    “The Pikachu wanted revenge… it wanted to get in my way… hinder progress whenever possible…”

    Flygon took a deep breath, but his heart kept beating fast. Trickles of sweat formed all over his body. He decided that delusion was not going to do him good. He could not live a lie. His mind tried to process the situation… what the Pikachu had said over the course of the battle. Friends…

    Flygon’s instincts took over, snapping him into attention, as a huge stream of fire flew towards him, spinning in the air to surround him. The technique utilized a simple stream of fire, but it in essence was fascinating. It took great control over the elemental energy to let the fire twirl around its opponent. Before he could react, Flygon had been surrounded in all directions by tall columns of fire, which were impossible to fly over, due to the cave’s low ceiling.

    “Impressive…” Flygon muttered, rising up into the air, nimbly doing a somersault in the air, and heading towards the ground at high speed, using his claws at the last moment to create the path. While Flamy’s technique was impressive, he was not quite as experienced in the field of battle as Flygon, and had a Type disadvantage to boot.

    Flygon had an excellent sense of direction underground, even though he could not see too much. It was like how he could maneuver in the air, among the clouds. He did not need to see. Considering the things he had gone through, Flygon had incredibly sharp senses. What he lost in mind, unable to grasp such concepts as friendship, he gained in power…

    But what he lost in heart…

    The columns of fire were not a problem underground. Flygon could sense right where Flamy was. Flamy’s presence quivered and jumped after some intervals, determined to try and dodge the attack. His efforts, however, were in vain, as Flygon quickly pinpointed his location, swiftly breaking through the ground under Flamy before he could react.

    Flamy was thrown into the air, as he let out a shrill scream, feeling the pain from a technique Flygon had mastered. The attack had not involved any Ground Type energy, but it still heavily damaged Flamy due to Flygon's experience at using this move.

    Flygon could still see change in him. At first, the Cyndaquil had seemed like a timid creature, radiating an aura of apprehensiveness. But it had still been the one to attack first when Flygon had stopped to collect his thoughts.

    “How’s this possible?” Flygon muttered, whipping Flamy down with his tail. “How did he get the courage to fight back?”

    Flygon slowed down in order to observe Flamy, who lay motionless on the ground. He wanted to believe that Flamy was fighting solely due to his will to survive. It would also be quite viable an explanation, as creatures usually did not wish to die so easily. However, this should have also meant that Flamy should have been paralyzed by fear, especially seeing what had happened to the Pikachu.

    Flygon charged a burst of Dragon Type energy in his mouth, which would probably be lethal to his unconscious prey. He opened his mouth, only a moment away from unleashing it… but all that came out was a cough.

    “What’s happening?!”

    Flygon could still not make himself kill his prey. He glanced from side to side, uneasily. He had never been reluctant to kill… at least not after his whole outlook on life had changed…

    Flygon gave up. He had never given up on his prey like this before, not when they were incapacitated. All this was still very mysterious to Flygon. Had the Pikachu's sacrifice somehow affected him? The Cyndaquil's sudden courageous move? What was this warm feeling he felt? Had he found the events... touching?

    He immediately found his feet rising off the ground, his wings flapping vigorously. He flew out of the cave, instinctively maneuvering around the craggy terrain, stalactites and stalagmites, into the dark sky. The rain seemed to have stopped, but the clouds still darkened the sky. Flygon ascended quickly, quickly, but strongly flapping his mighty wings, eventually reaching an altitude over the clouds. The sunlight above the clouds was in stark contrast to the darkness of the cave. But Flygon did not notice this. Nor did he notice the cold at such an altitude.

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    Chapter VI - The Bonds That Tie

    For a while, the cave was silent. Nothing moved. Even the air seemed to be still. The cave was still dark, dank and craggy, quite unpleasant to be in. There seemed to be no apparent reason for someone to live there unless necessary in the particular situation. No living creature seemed to exist in the cave at that time.

    No living creature seemed to exist in the cave at that time.

    A red snout began to quiver slightly, as if the nose was attempting to smell out the surroundings, trying to figure out where it was. A pair of eyes opened, although still squinting like always. The vision they granted was foggy.

    Flamy raised his head. He wondered where he was. His memory was cloudy, not remembering how he ended up in the current situation. He had vague memories of attempting to avoid getting stuck in a storm…

    Flamy was sure that was not all. He strained his mind, sweat drops forming on his head in the process. The strain was overwhelming, the pain from his injuries still strong…


    Flamy suddenly remembered his encounter with a red, draconic creature, which began to attack him without warning. The creature’s first impression on Flamy had certainly not been very good. Fear returned to Flamy’s heart as he remembered how ruthlessly he had been attacked, and how he had been rendered helpless. Flamy had never been a very brave Pokémon, always hesitant to pull off stunts or take risks.

    The memories came flowing back to him – the horror he had felt, seeing the Dragonbreath fly towards him while he was unable to move, and the guilt he felt when Skip had saved him. He was the reason Skip had been injured…


    Flamy suddenly remembered about Skip, abruptly jumping to his feet. His pain was great, but his concern for his friend was greater. Flamy rushed over to Skip, his heart beating fast, as he held his breath.

    Skip was motionless, his face towards the ground. His golden fur was covered in bruises. The force of the Dragonbreath had crashed Skip hard into the ground, covering him in dirt in the process. He was breathing softly, looking very peaceful.

    Flamy was relieved to see that Skip was alright. He knew that Skip was hurt, but he also had a feeling he was going to be just fine.

    That, however, did not stop Flamy from feeling guilty. He should have carried his own weight around, escaped from the cave as soon as he had seen Flygon appear. If he had done so, Skip would have been in much better condition. Besides, he would have not angered Flygon.


    For all the hate he had towards Flygon for hurting Skip, deep inside, he actually felt sorry for him. He wondered how miserable it would be to never know friendship. He looked at Skip. He knew that he could not manage without his friend. A friend was more than just a companion. A friend was one side of a bond.

    Flamy remembered the overall events, but the smaller details were still foggy in his mind. He did not have any recollection of what Flygon had said… was it something about a betrayal?

    Skip suddenly stirred. He momentarily shook with pain, and then struggled to get to his feet. He looked around, a confused expression covering his face.


    Flamy launched himself at Skip in a tackle hug, knocking him down again. He was glad to see his friend awake, unable to resist expressing all the emotions he felt in one quick action.

    A hug.

    “Wha-” said the still confused Skip, as he noticed Flamy. “Flamy… it… hurts…”

    Flamy immediately let go and helped Skip to his feet. In that moment, he had forgotten that Skip was still hurt.

    “What… what happened here?”

    Flamy slowly explained the events that had taken place, telling Skip all he remembered.

    “Huh? Flamy, are you okay?” Skip’s eyes grew wide in alarm.

    Flamy took a blow from the comment. Skip was worrying about him, even though his own injuries were more serious. Flamy, however, did not let it show. He did not want to hurt Skip emotionally, too. He slowly nodded.

    “I am glad!” said Skip, his face lighting up. “…I couldn’t bear to let you go alone. I did not tell anyone in the village…”

    Flamy shook his head. He attempted to explain to Skip that it would put him in unnecessary danger.

    “Well, we’re friends, aren’t we? I think it’s about time we go ahead.”

    Flamy lead the way, taking care to go slowly so that Skip could keep up easily. He did not want to strain his friend. Looking out for him was the least he could do.

    The soil was wet, but this did not bother Flamy too much. The forest seemed like a whole new world compared to the cave. The sky had finally cleared up, still leaving daylight. It was late in the morning, the temperature higher than the chilly morning, which comforted Flamy.

    Flamy did not exactly know where he was supposed to go. What was his goal? Surviving in his current surroundings? The Pokémon here were not as organized as they had been in his village. They were not a group, either mostly solitary or with other members of their evolutionary lines.

    “Flamy… you know…” said Skip, startling Flamy. “You can’t be the reason for the pain of our village.”

    Flamy knew that Skip was just doing this to comfort him. He was sure that Lady Gardevoir was not wrong about her prophecies.

    “I know what you’re thinking… but you’ve got to trust me…” Skip continued. “The village is still in pain… shouldn’t we be looking for a cure?”

    Flamy was not convinced. He was not very optimistic in this matter. At the same time, he believed in Skip. Skip had also been pointed out by Lady Gardevoir, and he believed that Skip could never cause such a disaster.

    They both believed in each other.

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