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Thread: G/S/C Emulators

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    Default G/S/C Emulators

    I am running a mac on OS X, and am currently in the search for a good G/S/C emulator I can download on my computer. Visual Boy advance either does not work, or registers as a Power PC application. I am not searching for ROMs, only a good emulator.

    Also general G/S/C/ discussion thread, starting with what team you first defeated the elite four with:

    lvl. 94
    lvl 50 (shiny)
    lvl 45 (shiny)
    lvl 37
    lvl 45
    lvl 51
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    On a side note, If I am in the wrong board, could a moderator please guide me to the right location? Thank you in advance.

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    Read the rules of a forum before you post on it. All discussion of emulators is strictly prohibited on SPPf. In addition, topics can only have one topic, and double-posting is not allowed.

    Please read the rules before you post again. :/


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