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Thread: Player 2 Press Start - Let's Play Pokémon FireRed

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    Default Episode 01 - The Journey Begins

    Our Adventure into Kanto has begun! P2PS is back with it's second season, featuring a remake of one of the greatest games of its time! Join our adventure and see what crazy Pokémon shenanigans await!

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    Default Episode 02 - Punch the Old Man in the Face!

    With our trusty companion at our side, we run some errands in Viridian City! It's fun... I promise... *cough* We also capture our first addition to the team; check her out!

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    Default Episode 03 - Hike through Viridian Forest

    The dark forest ahead shrieks with the cries of bug Pokemon, accompanied only by the shrills of their net sporting captors. It's a eerie time in the woods of Viridian, and we are taking our first step...

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    Default Episode 04 - Gym Battle.Brock

    First Gym Battle of the Season! We have arrive at Pewter City, so first thing is first... it's time to kick the local gym leader's ***! Join our heros as they face their toughest challenge yet... well, really their only challenge so far....but... yeah... THE BATTLE IS ON!

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    Default Episode 05 - Don't Poop Here

    A field full of trainers, right outside Pewter City.... With my trusty Pokemon friends at my side, they won't stand a chance. We will take our strength and overcome any... wait Mankey no! Not There!!!

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    Default Episode 06 - Damn You's Gary Oak!

    Our adventure continues through Mt. Moon.... But first! We truck back to face off against our Rival outside the Pokemon League! Is this an inconspicuous foreshadowing to epic future events?! Who knows!

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    Default Episode 07 - Team Rocket! Who'a'you?

    Time to continue through Mt. Moon. Who are all these shady dudes in black... team what?

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    Default Episode 08 - Cerulean Bound

    We finally make it out of the depths of Mt. Moon, and head into the next town in our adventure - Cerulean City! Midgets, Slowbros, and Jerks with Fame Checkers await!

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    Default Episode 09 - How Could I Loose!?

    Nugget bridge here we come! The team powers forward to take on a series of battles across the golden bridge of nugget...stay tuned and take part in all of it's nuggety goodness!

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    In this episode we show off how to catch an Abra! We also snag the next member of our team, and face off against a field of trainers!

    We finally finish up Route 25 and meet the man behind the PC I think it's a man. Maybe...uh... TEXAS!

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    Nice series, i thought id just let you know, im your 200th subscriber!
    Heart Of Crystal!

    My Current Challenges:

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    Default Episode 12 - Gym Battle: Misty (ft. Nowacking)

    We face our second Gym Leader of the series, voiced by special guest Nowacking! Stay tuned and watch as P2PS faces off against Nowacking, in an epic battle to the death! ... well, sorta.

    -Thanks SilentBang, we will try not to disappoint!
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    Hey! I remember you from your comment on my Earthbound Zero movie a while back!

    Excellent channel and walkthrough you have going right now; I must say that these walkthroughs are some of the most professional I have ever seen!

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    Default Episode 13 - Quacktastic

    After the graceful defeat of the second gym leader of Kanto, we continue our journey down the path ahead... the underground path that is! We make our way to Vermilion City, and enjoy all the splendors of the town!

    -Hey Absoltastic, I remember your movie and my comment as well haha! Thanks for the support dude, and keep up your own videos; I think you have a unique approach to integrating live-action, and the game experience together!

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    With trusty Bike in hand, we head through the foreboding tunnels of the Diglett! Through the eerie darkness all we can hear is the comical squeak of our bike...tire...wait a minute, that's not our bike squeaking! Watch out! It's a Clown Diglett!!

    We finish up knocking out some hobos in the fields before finally heading to our sweet paradise cruise! What fun awaits on board the S.S. Anne, we shall soon find out!

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    Default Episode 16 - Dead Duck in the Bag

    Our hero tromps through the remeinder of the S.S. Anne; tackling trainer and Pokemon alike! Gasp! We have encountered our Rival once again, and so close to our sharp salvation. Stay tuned, as Brian and Jenkins face off once again, in an epic battle of sexiness!

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    Default Episode 17 - OK, We're Running!

    The S.S. Anne has finally set sail... wait a minute, wait for us! Our hero and his trusty companions wave goodbye to the cruise ship of doom, and set their sights on Vermilion Gym... but first, some errands!

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    Default Episode 18 - Gym Battle: Lt. Surge

    The fight is on! Our hero has finally battled his way to the third gym on our adventure, Lt. Surge! Can his trusty team of Pokemon overcome this lightning lunatic of a Pokemon professional? Lets find out!

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    Default Episode 19 - Bug Types Ooooohhh!

    With our third gym badge on display, we proudly march to our next destination; all that stands in our way is... a giant valley full of ferocious trainers.... God Damnit!

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    Episode 20 - The Deep Darkness of Rock Tunnel

    That's right, it's time to take on the steamy sinkhole that is Rock Tunnel. *Sigh*..... Alright, here we go...

    Episode 21 - The Escape from Rock Tunnel

    We manage to make our way through the remaining terrors of Rock Tunnel. Brushing aside the cognant remains of those lost in the Tunnel's depths; we carry on with high hopes driven, by daylight spotted.
    What dangers will await us, on Light's next embrace?

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    Episode 22 - Dick Missed the Big Chance!

    The team welcomes another addition to its ranks! Stay tuned for a few laughs and and close calls, as we try and capture a raging inferno into a small sphere of friendship and trust.....well, it's something like that...

    Episode 23 - I Swear He's Never Done that Before

    We venture forth with new party member in hand, to the next town in our journey! What shall we do next? Comment and let us know; you choose our heros' destiny!

    Episode 24 - Lets Go Shopping!

    We start out our next leg, with some frolicking through fields, and soaring through skies! Now how can we top this amazing day off..... Shopping!!

    Episode 25 - Hello Ladies!

    Time to high-tail it back to Celdon, and take care of some unfinished business! Wait what? ... a Gym full of women.... TO THE GYM!

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    Default Episode 26 - Puppy Love

    We continue through Celadon Gym and show our Pokemon a little love. It's a quick grind of experience before we take on the leader. Bring it on ladies!

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