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Thread: Pokemon tcg Competitive/tournament thread.

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    Default Pokemon tcg Competitive/tournament thread.

    Now Idk about alot of people here on the forums and how they do/deal with tournaments, I know I have my buddy Dana and she hates attending tournys as a player in general (who is now a tourny helper oddly enough for Mr. worlds, my PTO attends every year and all I see when he gets back is the newest worlds swag he got for free which is alot of stuff, douche). But Idk about how other people feel about tournaments, I've read a few of these reports myself, some of them are really good, some of them make me want to shoot the person who wrote it, regardless it's good information.

    Basic info
    1. It's always good to get a good meal before any tournament, good nights sleep the day before, keep yourself you're usual chipper self, just so you don't have so many other things boggin down you're mind.
    2. Snack, bottle of water, etc helps as you never know when they might announce a lunch period or when you're just hungry, that sudden burst of energy slightly empowers you and makes you feel a little better knowing you have one less thing to worry about besides you're game.
    3. Hygiene, it's bad enough they laugh at us for playing the game (It was at a mall in a foreign city, I said iron maiden he scowled at me, what a mofo), lets at least be pro's by smelling/looking like ones. Also being clean is slightly empowering/releaving all on it's own.
    4. Relax this is a game.

    Complicated stuff/mind games
    Not so much complicated, but it's not something I would consider something that can be remedied by simple facts. Mind games are very important in any card game, it's the ability to make you're opponent second guess the fact of playing a card. I always seem to get players of various levels to play N if my hand is terrible, I make them feel comfortable figure out whats the best approach and then talk about the field and whats in hand, making slight gestures also helps in getting them to play cards like that as it makes them feel slightly more comfortable about the situation. This is actually a technique best used in poker but it can be used outside of poker so no worries.

    Next I would then go right for the kill of you're precious minds. Now probably the biggest enemy you have at a tournament is you're own mind, thinking about might be matchups (because alot of people play from another town it's hard to see what they play even a month in advanced) and then this might happen to some players...

    "The deck that I was planning on playing was relatively new to me so I felt like I needed some more testing. Naturally I decided to try and get a decent amount of online play in everyday. Two weeks before I was fine with playing online, but as soon as it was the week leading up to the tournament, I got completely off course."

    Perfect example. The best way around anything that could either make you're tension flair up like a race horse at an eating contest or where you feel like is to spend the week before the tournament testing you're deck, knowing every card in you're deck, the right play strategy's at the right time using the right cards, speed and/or consistency, testing techs, etc. Just having you're mind more focused on how you're going to play you're deck takes you're mind away from most of the needless worries/tension because you're focusing yourself more on the game. Because if you know you're deck will work, that's just fact. Getting down on yourself by thinking, even before or after the tournament...

    "Oh how that guy beat me was by a card"
    "If I didn't N and used cheren instead I would have won" (I've heard this one so many times, OMG what a load of bull)
    “Wait what if I’m actually bad at this game? I can’t misplay anymore!”
    “I’m not smart enough to play this game.” (that's just anxiety issues but whatever)
    "After one of my losses in Swiss at the tournament, I realized that I was going into my trance of negative thinking. I knew that I couldn’t go into the next round with thoughts like this, so I literally just stopped my negative thinking and moved on with the tournament."

    Maybe it could be the large amount of anime I watch but I find it hard to think this way with the thought of,

    "I gave it my all and even if I lost I'm still glad I gave it my all",

    And then my master said this to me years ago

    "Never think you're doing worse, negative thoughts you have are what defeat you more then you're opponent, avoiding them is an insult to yourself so defeat them so they never return"

    Speaks for itself this also comes from one of the oldest bushido laws, the mind should be sharper then the sword (basically what it says). Also please do not forget the people on the forums who try to help you become a better player in anyway that we can help, because we want someone to face us fairly and personally I want to see you guys do well (go team serebii!).

    Decks being played

    I seriously believe that this is what stress's out a majority of players, I have seen 5 players rage quit at provs/states for this reason.

    But again this goes back to my deck thing, you know whats being played, get you're head in the game, think about what and how you're going to play around cards like klink, darkrai, keldeo, lando, etc. keldeo beats garbo because of this mentality, they know they lose on matchup but theres always a weakness to playing a certain type of card. You know what you're playing, feel more confident in you're deck if you know how you're going to counter it, if they beat you're counter or strategy that's just life, learn from it and build a better counter as we usually win more from defeat then victory.

    Bold flavor

    At this point it's 1 am where I'm from so I'm almost out of steam in general. I find people who win tournaments play decks they want to play and feel the most comfortable about playing, even if it is not the best made or even best deck in general it wins (buffolant won provs in my area, a rogue beat the tier). All because that player felt confident in the deck he ran, tested it extensively against what was being played, went to the tourny with the usual amount of swagger he has (actually that's over confidence/cockiness) and won. I'm not saying being cocky may work for you but you never know if you give it a try.
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