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Thread: How to open a 15GB .lst file?

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    Default How to open a 15GB .lst file?

    I need to open an .lst file and I just want to read it as text, but I can't open it with notepad or any other text editor due to the huge file size. Is there any way I can open this file? It was compressed as a .rar before and it was 4GB, but that's pretty much useless.

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    Microsoft Word has a "Recover Text from Any File" option that might be able to help in your situation. The result may not be formatted nicely.

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    these programs might be able to help you: Microsoft Visual Studio, FoxPro Documenting Wizard List, and HP LightScribe Template Labeler and if this was unable to help then it had to of been a rar, zip 7zip or another type of file before with the ending extension changed to a .lst to bypass a file hosting site limitations

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