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Thread: Need help with my pokemon black team?

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    Default Need help with my pokemon black team?

    Now i think i remember last time i asked for this team and i was given it but i need a second opinion.

    Nature: Adamant
    Rock Slide
    Double kick
    Bulk up

    Nature: Hardy

    Galvantula (This one does have Compoundeyes)
    Nature: hardy
    Bug bite
    Energy ball
    Hidden power (Electric)

    Nature: Jolly
    Shadow claw
    Metal claw
    Swords dance

    Nature: Jolly
    Shadow claw
    Dragon claw
    Dragon dance

    Nature: Modest
    Quiver dance
    Teeter dance
    Giga drain
    Hidden power (Ground)

    This is my pokemon black 2 team. My question wasn't answered as to who should i replace Seismitoad and Watchog with.

    Adamant Nature, Iron Fist ability
    ~Ice Punch
    ~Shadow Punch
    ~Drain Punch

    Modest/Timid Nature, Weak Armor ability
    ~Ice Beam
    ~Signal Beam
    ~Flash Cannon

    Lonely/Naughty/Brave Nature, Flash Fire/White Smoke ability
    ~Giga Drain
    ~Shadow Claw

    Lonely/Naughty/Brave Nature, Water Absorb/Storm Drain ability
    ~Giga Drain
    ~Drain Punch
    ~Aerial Ace

    5. Here are the replacements for Seismitoad
    Jellicent Male or Female, Swanna, Red or Blue Basculin, or Simipour. Who should i pick and what nature and moveset should i give them.

    6. for Watchog i was thinking of Cincinno or Audino. Also need a nature and moveset.

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    Sawk could use fire punch to push through the steel + grass/bug titans that see common usage.Haxorus has a similar problem with steel types and could use earthquake over possibly shadow claw (unless ghost and psychic types cause a problem for your team).
    Galvantula's hidden power is unnecessary if you have thunderbolt.In fact,you'd be fine with thunder (91% accuracy-not bad!)electric-wise.Thunderwave is handy for team support,or volt switch could be useful,and could work fairly well with your teammates.

    I'd be interested in what items and abilities you'd give to team 1,which otherwise looks pretty solid : D

    For slot five on team 2:
    5.I'd personally pick Basculin-he'd give your team some more speed: your current members will be outsped by many of the Overused pokes that the online folk adore using.
    Adaptability+aqua jet hits hard,and deals with a weaker foe and fire types with ease,and ice beam+ice gem can push pass general ugly folk.Give final gambit a try too-it serves a similar purpose,but only really works well if you have plenty of HP.That said,its HP is too low sometimes to push pass anything with ease.Crunch is handy coverage and can drop defence.

    6.It's a pity analytic doesn't raise the accuracy of Watchog's moves(100% Hypnosis would be pretty good _ _)but for the same reason Cinccino might be of more use for your rather slow team.
    Rock blast,Bullet seed, Tail slap and Tickle work a treat movewise,the latter softening up the foe if a coverage move does not punch through with ease.Skill link ability+razor fang item= very high flinch chance (your foe theoretically will only get their turn 60% of the time).

    In future,try posting each team in separate threads: it means a person can focus on rating one team well,instead of scratching the surface of two!

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    Drop Bulk up on Sawk; Throh tends to outclass it as a Bulk Up user due to its superior defenses and HP, but Sawk's got more immediate power and speed. Play to that strength by widening its coverage. Payback is also generally a poor option for Sawk, since it's better on slower, bulkier users who can take/survive a hit, and have its power doubled. Sawk has enough speed to outspeed his opponents, which leaves Payback at a pitiful 50 base power often. Double Kick is also poor, more power is what you need. Try something like...

    -Close Combat
    -Stone Edge/Rock Slide (Power vs. accuracy debate)
    -Ice Punch
    -Earthquake/Thunder Punch

    Fighting/Rock/Ice pretty much covers every relevant threat you're going to encounter, as you'll be able to hit them all for at least neutral damage. The final slot can be for whatever you want to hit harder; Earthquake is good for things like Electric types and the odd Heatran, while Thunder Punch can give you better anti-water abilities, as well as obliterating Gyarados.

    Sludge Bomb is a waste on Seismitoad; Poison doesn't really have much coverage, only hitting grass types for super-effective damage. Try Ice Punch instead if you're going for a mixed Seismitoad, as it covers the same grass types that Sludge Bomb does, but with much more additional coverage. Protect seems kind of pointless on him too, unless you're using leftovers (to afford an additional turn of recovery); since most of the in-game stuff is singles, and Seismitoad isn't stalling, Protect doesn't really do much, and can be replaced with Grass Knot if you want to have an anti-water attack on him.

    Galvantula wants a special bug attack to replace Bug Bite; Bug Buzz is the best option, but Signal Beam is a decent filler until you get to that level. Hidden Power Electric is pointless since it's so weak and adds no coverage; if you want a secondary electric attack, go with Thunderbolt or Volt Switch. There's always Thunder Wave too, since Galvantula doesn't have a great special movepool. Energy Ball can be swapped for Giga Drain if you want, since it has the added benefit of healing at the cost of 5 base power. It's not a bad trade off.

    Lilligant needs Sleep Powder rather than Teeter Dance, since Sleep is more useful than Confusion. Unfortunately, it's a pre-evolution move, so you may have missed your opportunity, and would have to breed a new one to get it. *shrugs*

    Rock Slide is much better for coverage than Metal Claw for Excadrill. If you still want a Steel STAB though, you can replace Shadow Claw with Iron Head (which is up to personal preference since Shadow Claw offers a little bit more coverage).

    Haxorus wants better coverage. Slash and Shadow Claw don't really offer much in the way of coverage. Fighting/Dragon actually offers perfect neutral coverage, at least until they introduce a Steel/Ghost type. Earthquake is a great option to round off the coverage, though it can be replaced with Aqua Tail, Shadow Claw, or Rock Slide if you're looking to counter a specific threat.
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    To add onto the previous rates, give Vanilluxe the Ice Body ability imo, as even though you won't be benefitting from it, Weak Armour is just too risky in terms of the fact that it reduces your defence. Give Vanilluxe Water Pulse > Toxic as Toxic Stalling isn't what it does best, and Water Pulse gives you a way to hit Fire-types.

    For your fifth Pokemon on your B2 team, both Jellicent and Swanna are good Pokemon (as is Simipour but I think you have enough mixed Pokemon as is).

    Water Absorb
    Bold nature
    - Surf / Scald
    - Shadow Ball
    - Ice Beam
    - Will-o-wisp / Recover / Toxic

    Jellicent is bulky enough to take hits but it also has a good SpA stat so it can dish out some damage as well. It's your choice whether you go with Surf or Scald. Surf is more powerful whereas Scald has the potential to burn your opponent. Shadow Ball is a reliable Ghost-type STAB move and Ice Beam covers your Grass-type weakness. For your last move you could opt for a status move, such as WoW or Toxic (of course don't go with WoW if you're using Scald because that's a waste of a moveslot), or Recover for healing.

    Big Pecks
    Rash nature
    - Surf
    - Fly / Brave Bird / Hurricane
    - Ice Beam
    - Tailwind / Roost

    Swanna on the other hand has average stats all round, but it's still definitely a useable Pokemon in-game. Surf is a powerful and reliable STAB move. You have three main options for which Flying-type STAB move you go for: Fly takes two turns but generally this isn't a problem in-game as your opponent doesn't switch, Brave Bird is more powerful but deals recoil, and Hurricane is an option if you want a fully Special set. Ice Beam for further coverage. Tailwind can be used for team support as your team isn't the fastest one around, whereas Roost couples especially nicely with Brave Bird as it allows you to heal off the damage.

    As for your last Pokemon, I'd definitely go with Cinccino. In BW2 you have the opportunity to catch a Skill Link Minccino which is incredibly powerful.

    Skill Link
    Adamant/Jolly nature
    - Tail Slap
    - Rock Blast
    - Bullet Seed
    - Wake-up Slap

    Basically, Skill Link ensures that multi-hit moves hit the maximum amount of times they can (five times), and Cinccino happens to be able to learn a few multi-hit moves. Tail Slap is a great STAB move, reaching 125 base power, plus STAB. Rock Blast and Bullet Seed are also powerful coverage moves, also hitting for 125 base power, and Wake-up Slap rounds out the set, allowing you to hit Steel-types.

    Hope this helps.

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