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Thread: The characters of my new fanfic ;D

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    Default The characters of my new fanfic ;D

    This is the three main characters of my new fanfic The Guardians of the White Land.
    Name: Archo
    Hometown: Banewood Village
    Pokemon: Shinx
    Gender: Male
    Desc.: Archo is a Shinx from the village of Banewood, a great forest in Lostlight. He can be quite hasty from time to time but he always slows down when the others need a quck rest, he cares deeply for his two friends Iria and Erion.

    Name: Erion
    Hometown: Striwood Village
    Pokemon: Eevee
    Gender: Male
    Desc.: Erion is an Eevee from the village of Striwood, a forest in Lostlight. He is quite brave and he always tries to help his friends when they need it, but he also cares a lot for his friends Archo and Iria.

    Name: Iria
    Hometown: Fangwood Village
    Pokemon: Vulpix
    Gender: Female
    Desc.: Iria is a Vulpix from Fangwood Village in Lostlight. She is a bit timid and shy but she tries to help whenever she can, she is the one who cares most for her friends.

    And there you go ;3 I haven't started the fanfic yet but I'll probably start soon ;D
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    I assume that it may be a fanfic on PMD I suppose? Interesting. I expect that they may fall in great danger and Archo will rescue them with his awesome powers. >: D

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    Please read the Cafe Rules before you post here. If you want to post a kind of preview thread for your fic, it must contain a scene from your fanfic - just character bios or a summary isn't enough.

    I'm closing this for that reason. Please be sure to read the rules of a forum before posting in it.


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