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Thread: Wild Dragonite/Tyranitar/Alakazam/Houndoom etc. Appeared!

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    Default Wild Dragonite/Tyranitar/Alakazam/Houndoom etc. Appeared!

    [I've posted this in the glitch sticky as well, but its so unusual thought it may warrant its own thread - move it/delete it if necessary]

    Right, i've started playing Silver again after years... I have it on my phone.

    Some very very parculiar things are happening, i wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

    Firstly, i finished the game (all 16 badges at least) but then i realised that the version of silver i was using had no timer on it, and it was morning, and i couldn't get a fire stone to evolve my vulpix as i needed an oddish which only appeared at night. I had another version of the game which did have the clock on it and somehow i renamed the save file so i could load it up on the version of silver which did have the clock function.... with me so far?

    Anyway, after this i managed to get the fire stone etc, but then i started seeing some weird pokemon in the wild...

    Alakazam, Dragonite, Bulbasaur/Squirtle, Houndoom, Articuno, Scizor, Steelix, Politoed, Kabutops, Tyranitar to name but a few.

    Also, i've noticed all the marts in Kanto sell weird items. I can buy some of the rarest items on the game like sacred ash, lucky egg etc. from different marts for 100 pokedollars.

    Different pokemon are appearing in different places and at different times - the following areas have diff pokemon appearing: Route 1, Mt Silver, Silver Cave, Power Plant, Victory Road, the route before victory road cave.

    All other locations are unaffected.

    This is crazy, has anyone else had this happen to them?

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    Read the rules. All discussion of emulators and ROMs is absolutely banned on SPPf.

    Also, glitch discussion doesn't belong anywhere but the glitch thread. One glitch is not "more special" and thus deserving of its own thread than others.


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