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    From Special to DPA, what's your's?

    Mitsumi and Mars are more-or-less BFFs after Team Galactic disbanded.

    Walker really is Falkner's father.

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    Oh boy I have a ton for DPA. Let me copy them in

    -Rowan writes everything longhand, so Mitsumi spends a good part of her time typing up his reports.

    -Hareta’s mom is pretty smart. But she’s also a complete space case, to the point of being unsure if she even *has* a child. Much less that said child is about ten now, and even less that said child went with his father. She wonders if she isn’t thinking of someone else. Everyone’s pretty worried about her.

    -Cyrus tends to refuse help from others, even through reevaluating his beliefs. The idea that he’s alone in the world is so deep in him that he finds it nearly impossible to believe otherwise, even when seeing that others have their friends. Even years later, he doesn’t call anyone his “friend”, though Hareta has told him to.

    -Looker is really a pretty terrible police officer, and Koya eventually comes to realize this.

    -Eventually, Mars will compete in the league.

    -Cynthia and Mitsumi are evenly matched. Any victory for either is based in fairly random elements.

    -Hareta beats Koya in the league and loses to Cynthia in the finals.

    -Hareta calls Bertha “gramma”. Both Jupiter and Fantina use their distinct age differences from the ground trainer to demonstrate why Hareta calling them that as well is a bad idea. Hareta then proceeds to call them “aunt”, which Fantina likes but makes Jupiter want to hit things.

    -Cyrus will be self-committed, but released into Rowan’s care (his grandfather being too old to properly care for him). Rowan, as he does, assigns himself a familial relation to the younger man, but Cyrus refuses to consider him a father. The biggest reason is that he hated his parents because they never thought he was good enough, despite his accomplishments even as a child, but he never tells Rowan this. Mitsumi knows, though, or rather she suspects.

    -Cyrus’s grandpa and Hareta get along like gangbusters. Hareta also gets along with Buck, and so frequently goes to the Battle Frontier. Which, of course, stresses Jun out.

    -Marley and Hareta don’t get along, since he jammed his fingers in her mouth to pull her lips into a smile.

    -(this is the single most depressing headcanon I have for DPA so feel free to skip this one. I’ll follow it with a funny one as a buffer) Cyrus’s pokemon were taken from him upon his capture, and Charon would taunt him about the tests being done to them. Though it was far from mind control tests—Charon was torturing them to get at their trainer. Gyarados, the stronger of the two, was submitted to stronger “tests” and succumbed to the pain. Weavile held out a bit longer, until Cyrus himself escaped and took down the lab. It could barely move, having been kept in a tiny cage, and when he did something he’d never done before—held it close and reassured it that it was safe—it smiled weakly at him before stopping its fight. It died a few minutes later, listening to his voice, confident that its trainer would be all right.

    (Ok you can start reading again. Funny one now.)

    -Jun is a terrible cook. However, he’s good at baking, and tries to woo Mitsumi with sweets every so often. Rowan ends up eating most of it.

    -Hareta got Steven’s old villa, but neglected to tell anyone about it because he has no idea what a “villa” is. When Cynthia does her world tournament, Steven asks her about it and she has to go and explain things to the boy.
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