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Thread: Kakumeiki Valvrave (Valvrave the Liberator)

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    Default Kakumeiki Valvrave (Valvrave the Liberator)

    I believe the first two episodes were good enough for it to have it's own thread

    Anyway, anyone else getting any Code Geass vibes from this? Maybe not from the characters themselves, but like the MC's power and stuff?
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    This show is so terribad but I can't stop watching. Katsura Hoshino put D.Gray-man on hiatus to do character designs for this show so I feel like I have to watch it, for D.Gray-man's sake. And I really want to see how many ridiculous plot twists they can cram into a two-cour series.

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    I told myself I'd watch the second episode to give it a chance, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The first episode was awful.

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    Having never seen Geass, this series has pleasantly surprised me.

    However many Geass fans claim this is a ripoff of said animu.
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    Now that you've mentioned it, I do kinda see what you mean about it being a code geass clone, but I wouldn't go that far, as it is just "Kid has power, kid fights against impossible odds" and that can be said for a lot of shonen shows. I have taken quite a liking to the show, it's ridiculous and hilarious, I know it isn't meant to be, but it just makes me laugh. It's enjoyable, and I can't wait for each episode to come out.

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    i realize this is a late reply, but I had to...

    in regard to the people saying this is a geass clone, thats probably because the writer (Ichirō Ōkouchi) is the same for both series
    i believe he wrote the original story for geass and the script for valvrave, could be wrong though

    anywho, there are only 3 reasons I'm watching this show
    1) the main reason is character design, as a long time fan of D.Gray-man, I had to at least give this series a try
    2) The opening theme has TM Revolution
    3) It's a mecha from Sunrise (about the only thing they're good at anymore )
    Hoping it gets better, but doubtful

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