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Thread: Pokemon Attack Themes Anyone?

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    Default Pokemon Attack Themes Anyone?

    What moves do you think would fit a shared theme? Many people have theme teams, or monotype teams (anime, game, etc.). But what about themed attacks?


    Theme: Apocalypse
    Destiny Bond
    Perish Song
    Doom Desire
    Hyper Beam

    Question now:

    Which moves do you think are TIME TRAVEL related moves?
    - Roar of Time
    - Ancient Power?
    - Future Sight?

    Not sure WHERE this should go...if i'm in the wrong place just move me...not really serious competitive discussion or anything :P Just fun discussion (since some moves may be junky but still fit a theme). Feel free to help other people with a theme or post your own! These can be used for RP, fanfics, anything really.

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    Theme: Wishes Come True

    - Wish
    - Healing Wish
    - Doom Desire
    - Present

    Wish and Healing Wish are self explanatory. Doom Desire uses the word 'desire', which is technically a wish, too. Present is granting wishes, as in gifting someone a book in a present, which they have been wishing for.

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