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    Can't seem to find the last one anywhere, might as well start it again. The last one died out months ago. Also updating the OP a little..

    -All SPPf General Rules and Game Rules apply (obviously)
    - Don't make wishes or corrupt wishes in a way that insults other members
    - Don't make any wishes or corrupt wishes that are inappropriate/sexual
    - You can corrupt up to the last three posts, but quote them if you're corrupting multiple posts

        Spoiler:- strikes:

    "I wish for a pony."
    "Granted: you get a pony for your 18th birthday! It greets you by kicking you in the face and you fall into a coma. I wish I had a bajillion dollars."
    "Granted: you're in jail for robbing a bank. I wish for a dog."

    I wish for carrots.
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