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    The Plot:

    The year is 201X. In the peaceful town of Forest Springs, Washington, a mysterious force is at work...

    In distant world, the legends spoken of throughout history never truly die. This realm has existed ever since man could speak, and tell stories of men and gods larger than life itself. It exists so that the legends we speak of can truly exist. This realm, is known as Avalon.

    But all is not well in the land. A dark shadows looms over Avalon, with the sole desire of bending the realm of legends to its will. And with Avalon under its control, nothing would be in the way of it coming after Earth next...

    Yet, all is not lost. In the town of Forest Springs is a strange hermit who carries with him the secret to stopping the darkness. But in order to do this, he must find the those chosen to be the Legend Warriors...

    You are just a normal person living in Forest Springs, Washington. Forest Springs is a small town in inland Washington; it used to be larger, but after Mount St. Helens erupted many years back a lot of people moved out of town. Since Forest Springs is a small town, you are probably more adjusted to a more rural lifestyle. You are going on with your day when you get a letter from a man named Burton Ferguson. As far as you remember, he's the odd hermit who lives by himself at the edge of town. He asks to meet with you at a specific time, telling you that whatever he needs you for is important. The guy has always given you bad vibes, but your curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to go anyway.

    Powers and Weaponry:

        Spoiler:- Info for Powers and Weaponry:

    1. All Serebii RPG rules apply. Obviously.
    2. No Godmodding or Power Playing, your character is not unstoppable.
    3. No bunnying. An exception is if someone is inactive, bunnying may be nessesary to keep the plot going.
    4. Do not sign up unless you know you can be active. If you are inactive, your character will be bunnied, and potentially thrown out of the game. If you are going to be gone for a decent amount of time, notify me first.
    5. Keep the PG-13 rating in mind. Curse words and violence are ok, but don't get too graphic.
    6. I'd like it if you can try to have posts of decent lengths. I know we all have those days where he can't think of anything, but what makes a good RP great is when players make long and well thought out posts.
    7. There will NOT be reservations. The slots are first come, first serve If your character is considering Pending however, a slot will be taken by that character until they are either accepted or denied.
    8. Enjoy the RP!

    Sign Up:

    Name: (Your name, derpa derp)
    Gender: (Male, Female, or Transgendered (all are accepted here))
    Age: (How old are you? Your character is probably a young adult, but you can be younger or older than that if you wish)
    Element: (Your element, remember only one character can have each element)
    Weapon: (Your weapon, whether it be one of the six main weapons or one you made yourself)
    Weapon Description: (A short description of what your weapon looks like, be descriptive if you want, but it only needs to be about 1-3 sentences long, a picture will also suffice)
    Summon: (Who, or what, is your summon? Try to make sure the summon matches your own character in some way)

    Appearance: (What your character looks like, 2 medium sized paragraph minimum)

    Personality: (How your character acts, 3 medium sized paragraphs minimum)

    History: (The backstory of your character, 3 medium sized paragraphs minimum)

    Accepted/Pending Characters:

    Legend Warriors:
    1. Billy Mays, Element: Lightning, Weapon: Longsword
    2. (OPEN)
    3. (OPEN)
    4. (OPEN)
    5. (OPEN)
    6. (OPEN)
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    Reserved post for character sign up.

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    I'd like a reserve on this one. Still thinking about joining your other RP btw
    Say, are Cthulhu Mythos Dieties allowed or do those class as 'evil'?
    so, I'd like to reserve Nyarlathotep. Otherwise, Hecate please.

    Ball and chain/Nature please.

    EDIT: Whoopsies.
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    Two things:

    1. Depends on what it is. I'm pretty sure Cthulhu itself would be evil, but if you know a different Lovecraftian monster that is not evil I guess you can use that. Problem is though, H.P. Lovecraft wrote the books about the Mythos past 1900, which I set as the cutoff date. However, as it is still fairly old and not really associated with anything specifically modern, I'll make an exception in this case.
    2. No reserves. Says so in the rules. The spots are first come, first serve.

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    If Leo is Pinkie Pie, then Tim is Fluttershy. :P

    Name: Timothy "Tim" Wolfe
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Weapon: Bow
    Weapon Description: A Generic wooden bow. The bow itself is green, and is curved at the ends. It looks like Ivy vines are wrapped around the wooden part. He carries a green quiver full of arrows on his back.
    Element: Nature
    Summon: Dryad (Female nature spirit, that are known for being timid creatures.)

    Appearance: Tim is noticeably shorter than most guys (and some girls) his age, standing at exactly 5'4". He is has an athletic build and is physically fit due to having lived in a rural town all of his life, so he spent a lot of time running around outside. Because spends a good amount of time in the sun, his skin is lightly tanned. Not pale, but not bronzed either. His has messy black hair on top of his head which goes to his eyebrows. He has big brown eyes, a small nose, and a round "Babyface", which give him a youthful appearance.

    Tim dresses simply, he doesn't want to have to fuss with his clothes, or worry about ruining them. His casual outfit usually consists of a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. His usual shirt is a simple dark blue and white striped T-shirt. He wears a pair of khaki cargo shorts on the bottom, and a pair of gray sneakers on his feet. He carries a blue back to carry all his essential items.

    Personality: Tim is a shy and quiet individual by nature. He was always this way, and being bullied as a kid didn't help. He usually speaks with a quiet voice, and occasionally a stutter when he's nervous. He usually prefers being with animals than with people. He gets scared easily, his worst phobia being stage fright. He gets really nervous when having to speak or perform in front of an audience. really wants to be the brave, dashing, knight in shining armor type like the guys he's seen on TV, but it's harder than it looks.

    Despite being shy, he is by no means antisocial. If you talk to him, you'll find he's quite friendly, polite, and kind to others. Often laughing and making jokes like any other kid. He is always happy to have to new friends, because his shyness makes it difficult to make them. He is very affectionate and loyal to those he likes. In conversations, he is usually more of a listener than a talker, and he has no problems being a sounding board when someone wants to vent (As long as they don't hurt him.) Tim is very kind to others, often to a fault. He is very trusting of others, and is always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. Tim is usually very difficult to anger, and is very quick to forgive someone when he does get mad, however he can be quite scary if you do catch him at a bad moment.

    Tim is very careful and calculating. He always thinks before he speaks, and prefers not to wrecklessly jump into danger. He also doesn't like violence all that much, having been a victim of it most of his life. He is gentle and softspoken, which seems to be the reason why he has such an easy time with animals. Although he doesn't look like it, Tim has a big appetite, and likes eating. He also has the cooking skills to match.

    History: Tim was born to a middle class family in the small town of Forest Springs Washington. His parents are both veterinarians, and while they weren't rich, they did all they could to give their son a good life, and give him every advantage. For the most part, his life was normal. While he did well academically, Tim was often bullied because of his tendency to get scared easily, and because he was clumsy. It made him an easy target. It gave him self-esteem issues, resulting in him becoming even more timid. As a result, he had very few friends growing up. He didn't tell another person about the bullying, lest it become worse. (Though, he did vent to a few animals about it.)

    His parents often brought their work with them, so Tim practically grew up around animals. From an early age, he always had a special talent for caring for them, and due to his softspoken nature, they seem to be fond of him. He recently started working in his parents office, and cares for, plays with, and feeds the animals staying there after school. He always knew he wanted to do something with animals when he gets older, he just isn't sure if he should follow in his parents footsteps, and continue their practice or do something else that would let him leave town.

    Life continued as normal for the boy. He recently started high school, and although the bullying has since stopped, it still had an effect on him, which is why he doesn't talk to other students all that much. One day, he got a letter from a man named Burton Ferguson. An odd hermit who lives by himself at the edge of town. Asking to meet with him for who knows what reason. Tim didn't know what to think. He was hesitant to go at first, but since the guy wrote him a letter, he decided to go anyway to see what all the fuss is about.
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