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    In an alternate dimension called Liestra, beings known as Pokemorphs exist. These are Pokemon that possess human like bodies and intelligence. They have forged civilizations that co-exist with nature. However, much like humans, they posses the capacity for good...and for evil.

    Many centuries ago, a wicked sorcerer constructed a black spire that reached towards the heavens. The spire radiated dark energies, draining away the peoples' abilities to think and act for themselves, becoming slaves to the master of the spire. The sorcerer was gathering the darkness that lay inside the heart of men and using it to feed himself, seeking to become a God and overthrow Arceus himself.

    However, though Arceus could not interfere directly, he blessed several individuals with the power to combat the growing darkness. They would be immune to the controlling magics of the dark spire. The trek was long, the climb perilous and fraught with danger, traps, puzzles and illusions to overcome. At the end, the group of heroes slew the sorcerer. However, they found that they could not find a means to destroy the tower. Instead, four of the five heroes made the ultimate sacrifice to cast Fremutius Halke, a forbidden spell that transported the tower into the realm of Giratina. Only Jonaleth Mewtwo, the group cleric, remained behind, surviving where the others did not. It was to this man that Arceus passed on the secret spell that Arceus himself used to protect the heroes.

    Five hundred years have passed. King Matthias Mewtwo and his queen Amellia Mew have reigned over the kingdom of Fargasta, ensuring peace and order amongst the people. But exactly one month ago, the king's vizier Venat Alakazam vanished without a trace, along with the Princess Jasmine Mew. And two days later, massive dark clouds began to form in the horizon. In the neighboring kingdom of Karneet, the Dark Spire took form, appearing once more. The people of Karneet began going mad, as though all reason and shred of goodness had been stripped away from their souls.

    King Matthias Mewtwo, descendant of Jonaleth Mewtwo, has sent out a call to arms, seeking to gather a small band of worthy heroes brave enough to enter the Dark Spire and find a way to destroy it once and for all.


    1.> No Godmodding
    2.> You are allowed 4 moves based on your species. They can only be level moves, tutored moves or egg moves. No TM/HMs.
    3.> Keep things within PG 13. Romance is allowed, just keep it in check.
    4.> Be active. No one likes having to wait on one person. If you're going to be gone for a little bit, let me know so I can use your absence to throw in a sidequest for the others.
    5.> Put somewhere in your SU Vulpix rules all! so I know you've read the rules.
    6.> Keep the cussing to a minimum.
    7.> No spamming, trolling or flaming please.
    8.> No Legendary Pokemon. You can only choose to play as a non-legendary anthro
    9.> Obey all other Serebii rules
    10.> During combat posts, your characters will *attempt* one attack. Once all involved in combat have made their attempts, I will post as the GM after rolling dice to determine whether you hit or not and how much damage your deal. I will also roll to determine if you are hit and how much damage you're dealt. If your HP reaches 0, you will be rendered unconscious until after battle, at which point you will have 1 HP until healed. If the entire group in battle is defeated, your teleportation stones will activate and send all involved back to the castle to be healed.
    11.> At the beginning of each post, you will put this at the start as a header:
    HP: Current/Max
    Pokemon Moves (Remaining uses per each/Max uses per each)
    Spell Slots Available per spell level (Current/Max) (Only for casters)

    Robert Arcanine
    Mewtwo's Castle
    Level 1
    HP: 20/20
    Flare Blitz (2/2) Morning Sun (2/2) Extreme Speed (2/2) Close Combat (2/2)

    Since Robert is not a caster, the spell slots part does not apply. However, if he were a caster, it would look like this:
    Spell Level 1: 4/4

    There are four varying strengths that you can assign to each Stat: Weak, Average, Strong, Powerful. You can only have a maximum of one Powerful stat and two Strong stats. If you choose to have two strong stats and one powerful stat, you must have one Weak stat. If you Choose to have 1 Powerful and 1 Strong, you can replace the Weak stat with Average. If you wish to forgo the Powerful stat, you can have a third Strong Stat in place of the Weak stat.

    Weak: Not the most proficient in this area
    Average: No better or worse than a normal Pokemorph
    Strong: You are a bit more proficient with this stat than the normal Pokemorph
    Powerful: You are at the peak of proficiency with this stat

    Strength: This not only determines how hard you can hit physically, but also covers you for physical activities, such as swimming against the river current, climbing, attempts to ram down a door and so on.
    Weak: +1 damage | Average: +2 damage | Strong: +4 damage | Powerful: +6 damage

    Constitution: This is how much punishment you can take, and how strong your endurance is. The better this is, the longer you can last in fights and in strenuous tasks
    Weak: 10 HP +1 per level | Average: 15 HP +1 per level | Strong: 20 HP +2 per Level | Powerful: 25 HP +2 per Level

    Intelligence: This not only influences the power of your special attacks, but also in many other areas, such as deciphering ancient texts, being able to remember ancient lore. Also, for casters, this determines how many times you can cast spells of a certain spell tier before you have to rest and recharge.
    Weak: 4 spell slots | Average: 5 spell slots | Strong: 7 spell slots | Powerful: 10 spell slots

    Wisdom: This can also be considered willpower as well. It is not only your ability to resist spells/special moves, but also acts to alert you to hidden traps, lockpicking, disarming traps, the ability to determine someone else's motives or truth vs. lies, and helps in haggling prices. This also determines how many times you can use each Pokemon Move before you have to rest to recharge them.
    Weak: Once per move | Average: Twice per move | Strong: Three times per move | Powerful: Four times per move

    Speed: This stat determines how fast and nimble you are. However do take into consideration your armor, as anything heavier than leather will knock this stat down one peg (Chainmail will knock this down one rank and Platemail will knock it down two ranks). This along with your chosen weapon also determines how many times per turn you get to strike. Dual wielders (two one-handed weapons wielded) get to strike twice per round before bonuses, while unarmed combatants can strike 4 times per round before bonuses. The trade-off however is that those who dual wield and those who fight unarmed are generally going to take more damage from attacks, so weigh your options carefully.
    Weak: 1 (D-2) (U-4) | Average 1 (D-2) (U-4) | Strong: 2 (D-4) (U-6) | Powerful: 3 (D-6) (U-8)

    Unlike normal Pokemon games, Everyone starts out at Level 1, despite evolution. With every level, you gain HP according to your Constitution Stat. After 5 levels, you are able to rank up one stat to the next rank (Weak -> Average -> Strong -> Powerful). The moves you can know are -not- based off of level. Those who choose the mage staff or priest staff gain +1 Spell Slots for each caster level they can access.

    Just as a reminder if the story has yet to convince you, the setting is medieval fantasy, so no one should be sporting guns or lightsabres. The weapon you choose will determine what skills and possibly spells are available to you. You can dual wield one-handed weapons, but weapons that require two hands cannot be dual wielded, nor can the wielder wear a shield. The types of weapons are: Two-handed sword, one-handed sword(s), Dagger(s), War Hammer, Bo Staff, Mage Staff, Priest Staff, Flail, Whip, Mace, Two-handed ax, One-handed ax, Unarmed (Martial Arts), Spear, Halberd, Bow, Crossbow, Shield

    Strength and weapon choice will help to determine your armor.
    Weak: Robes | Average: Leather | Strong: Chainmail | Powerful: Platemail
    This isn't to say that if your Powerful that you have to go for something as heavy as Platemail. You could choose to be a beefy spellcaster wearing robes.
    Obviously the lighter the weapon, the lighter you want to be in order to wield your weapon unencumbered. A fully plated warrior isn't going to be very nimble handling those daggers, and those wanting to channel arcane energy through a staff can't have anything breaking their focus, so only robes for whoever chooses to play with magic.

    There are a number of spells that can be used, but all require the use of the mage staff or priest staff. Those choosing either of these will have a list of spells for their level that they can cast. Much like Pokemon Moves, they can only be used a certain number of times until you must rest and recharge them. However, for every level up you get, you gain 1 spell slot which you can dedicate to any one spell level. So if you can cast Level 1 and Level 2 spells and you gain a level, you must decide weather you get to add a spell slot to your spell level 1 section or spell level 2 section.

    Spots available: 6
    1.> Robert Arcanine (Zorupix)
    2.> Arcelia Grovyle (Lunar1008)

    SU Form

    Appearance: (picture is fine, must have at least 100 words of description regardless)
    Personality: (At least 100 words minimum)
    Chosen PKMN moves: (4 total)
    History: (At least two full paragraphs)

    Attack (STR):
    Defense (CON):
    Special Attack (INT):
    Special Defense (WIS):
    Speed (DEX):

    Items: Your carried items will go here. Everyone starts off with one weapon, armor/clothing, 2 minor potions (heals 10 HP when used) and a teleportation amulet.
    Poke`: $300

    Vulpix rules all!
    Name: Robert Arcanine
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Arcanine

    Robert stands at a full 6 feet tall. His powerful form is well muscled, bringing him to a decent weight of 250 pounds without any gear or outfit. He has golden yellow eyes which accentuate his expressions and emotions quite well. His fur is mostly orange with black tiger stripes along the orange. His face and front are covered in a cream-colored fur. For clothing, he often wears thick training bracers made of metal, each with belt-like leather straps. He wears on his top a brown leather sleeveless jerkin, black and red leather pants, and a pair of black and gold leather boots.

    Personality: Robert is a generally pleasant and compassionate guy. He is a Pokemorph who tries to help out those in need, but he doesn't give hand-outs unless it's an emergency need like food to the starving or a potion for those in need of healing. In combat, he's level headed. While most warriors suit themselves up with heavy armors that weigh them down, Robert prefers to be as nimble as a rogue, evading attacks rather than just soaking up the damage. He is a leader and a very loyal friend to all he befriends, as is characteristic for most Arcanines.

    Chosen PKMN moves: Flare Blitz, Morning Sun, Extreme Speed, Close Combat

    History: Robert was born in a mercenary camp. From an early age he learned how to fight from his father, the mercenary leader. Training was grueling, moreso than what new recruits were given as his father had much higher expectations of the boy As he grew, it was quite clear the boy was a prodigy, able to handle his own against a number of training partners. While other warriors rode atop their Rapidashes and lunged into battle, Robert fought on foot, using blazing speed and skill to hammer down his enemies. However, despite his father's desires for Robert to become the next leader of the mercenary group, the young Growlithe decided that he wanted to strike out on his own for a while and see the world beyond the kingdom's boarders.

    Robert had been to all four of the world kingdoms and took with him all of the experiences. He had met many cultures in his journies and had pulled himself out of a number of hectic situations, often with the help of others. He never took on any job he thought to be immoral and always defended the innocent, often without even requesting pay before or afterwards. Because of this, he was loved by the many good people he came across, despite how many times he left with an empty wallet.

    Upon arrival back into his homeland, Robert noticed something was greatly different about the land. The streets were nowhere near as lively as they once were, and an onimous shadow loomed over the land. Now with the re-appearance of the Dark Spire and the madness it has driven the people of Karneet into, Robert answered the summons of King Mewtwo to try and find a way to destroy the Dark Spire and find the whereabouts of the vizier and the princess. And perhaps by finding them, he could find a way to remove this evil from his homeland.

    Attack (STR): Powerful
    Defense (CON): Strong
    Special Attack (INT): Weak
    Special Defense (WIS): Average
    Speed (DEX): Strong

    Items: Curved Greatsword (2-Handed), Leather Armor, 2 minor potions, teleportation amulet.
    Poke`: $300
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    Pictures cannot replace words. Appearance and Personality fields must be at least 100 words each. Beyond that, including a photo is optional, but cannot be used in place of an actual description. Please make the appropriate changes. I am also merging your two posts because there is no reason for them to be separate.


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    Looks interesting, since my finals are just about over I'd like to join a RP. I should be able to post two-three times a week, probably more if this gets moving quickly.

    Vulpix rules all!

    Name: Arcelia Grovyle (Nicknames: Archie)

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Species: Grovyle

    Appearance: Arcelia has wide, sea emerald eyes with similarly colored hair spiked down her back. From atop her head is the spike, reflective of what would be found upon a typical Grovyle. These ‘appendages’ are also found along her arm in response to a Grovyle. Covering her torso she has a black, leather jerkin with sleeves extending to the beginning of the first spike on her arms. Diagonally across her top she has a leather sling, camouflaging into the jerkin, which has pouches for her belongings. (amulet, potions, etc.) Arcelia wears tight, black leather pants which taper off at approximately heel level, tucked into her likewise black combat boots. Generally Arcelia will be found adorning combat gloves that extend to the inferior (3rd) appendage upon her arm. What skin (fur?) is visible beneath her armor and clothing is the grassy green hue of the typical Grovyle, her neck and forefront the rosy blaze. Her back is decorated with deep scars which criss-cross invariably. (If permissible to the GM, kind of goes against the ‘items’ limit) Arcelia wears a simple, corded necklace, fitting similar to a choker, which was a parting gift from Lea (explained later).

    Personality: Arcelia is an analytical individual who requires little social interaction to maintain a contented and functional state of mind. Despite this lack of necessity she values camaraderie above self-gain, and in fact cherishes the moments made available to relaxation and jokes. It is during those rare moments she and her comrades may rest at ease that her witty sarcasm is unleashed—never vicious or mean-spirited, however. Arcelia never forgets something once she’s told, especially if it’s something personal to a loved one, nor will she betray anyone’s trust. While she tries to come across as approachable she is typically scrutinized with a wary eye, the lack of knowledge and lack of forwardness about her past concerning to most.

    Arcelia does not put her sorrow or anger out there for others to see, as she is adept at controlling her expressions. She is proud to the extent of becoming inflexible on certain aspects, and if she feels someone is questioning her ability due to gender she is liable to become sharp-tongued in a hurry. During battle Arcelia is generally unaware of what is going on around her, attaining a state of tunnel-vision to the opponents immediately facing her. If she notices a fallen comrade then she will not leave their side, fending off the enemy until someone else is capable of assisting their comrade.

    Due to her analytical nature Arcelia proves to be quite stubborn to take orders. She has to understand what she is doing and why she is doing it else she will display reluctance which she brings with her to the battlefield. It is during these distracted and hesitant times that she is most likely to get injured.

    Chosen PKMN moves: (4 total) Leaf Blade, Mega Kick (Tutor Attack Emerald/FR/LG), Quick Attack, Dynamic Punch (Tutor Attack Emerald)

    History: Arcelia Grovyle was raised in a partially nomadic lifestyle which contested nearly every belief she’d been instructed to believe. Whisked away by her brother at the young age of five she never truly knew her parents. Her mother, Edana, and her father, Alex, were simple-minded individuals who merely wished the best for their children. They despised violence and struggled with the rowdy behaviors of Arcelia’s brother, Maichi, until he reached the age of thirteen. With a mere eight years difference between him and his sister he decided his capability to care for them both rested in escape from their parents’ pacifist ideals.

    Maichi proved to offer little ability to care for himself, let alone his young and terrified sister. In little time Maichi and Arcelia were starved and street-abused with little potential for elevation from their dreary state. It wasn’t until Maichi turned fifteen, Arcelia seven, that they were taken in by the strict family of Daniel Umbreon and Lea Umbreon. Daniel, a father who’d lost his wife to illness, was an apparent wall which all emotions bounced off of. He was strict and border-line abusive with the regime he pulled Lea, Maichi, and Arcelia through. Daniel taught each of them their weaknesses and strengths in fighting and how to exploit their enemy’s weaknesses. If any of the three children were caught doing something wrong the punishment was three times worse; whipping.

    Lea was the opposite; filled to the brim with emotions his young mind was incapable of processing completely. Lea and Arcelia grew up as close friends while Maichi and Daniel worked to provide for them. Into their teen years Lea and Arcelia grew closer, their previously platonic relationship changing to a romantic blossom. When Maichi left the home to continue on with his nomadic living Arcelia began considering her future and if it would include Lea.

    She was forced to admit, when she turned twenty-one, that while she was content with Lea there was the desire for something more constantly raging in her core. When she confronted Lea about this he desperately proposed they marry, wishing to take any means necessary to keep her from taking on the summons of King Mewtwo. Arcelia nearly accepted the simple, farming lifestyle, however; when she received message of her parents’ death back in her homeland she found the offer to tempting. Arcelia geared up and set out to take on the King’s summons, intending to place herself entirely into the mission of destroying the Dark Spire. Her absence was not taken well by Lea, and he vowed to never accept her back into his life, despite gifting the choker-like necklace prior to her definitive answer.

    Attack (STR): Strong
    Defense (CON): Strong
    Special Attack (INT): Average
    Special Defense (WIS): Weak
    Speed (DEX): Powerful

    -Unarmed (Martial Arts)
    -Leather Armor
    -2 10 HP Potions
    -Teleportation amulet
    Poke`: $300

    /Yikes, appearance was more difficult than I expected. Hope it’s alright, just let me know if I need to change anything. :3
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    Lunar1008 Everything looks in order and pretty good. Accepted

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