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Thread: Suggestions on team (Emerald)

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    Default Suggestions on team (Emerald)

    Hi new here.

    I was planning in advance my team and I'd like suggestions regarding if the team is good or not.

    Ok so my current team is:

    1] Raichu - Lonely (Lvl 36)
    Volt Tackle
    Thunder Wave
    Hidden Power (Ice maybe?)

    2] Duskull - Adamant (Lvl 34)
    Shadow Ball
    Confuse Ray
    (Not complete moveset yet)

    3] Vibrava - Brave (lvl 36)
    Sand Tomb
    (Wouldn't mind some suggestions here as I haven't given any tm yet as I'm not 100% sure what to use)

    4] Training a Shroomish to learn spore on both a male and female for breeding.
    Will surely have spore and giga drain or leech seed rest not sure yet.

    5] Camerupt - Careful (Lvl 36) It's shiny had no choice on nature :/
    Take down
    Rock Slide
    (Same here no real moveset planned yet here wouldn't mind some tips.)

    6] Starmie (Didn't get it yet)
    Will most probably be:
    Ice Beam

    Good/Bad let me know.

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    Hi there I'm new too so it's good for me to know I'm not the only one XD

    I'd recommend teaching your vibrava fly once you get the HM for it because I've found its always good to have a flying type move on hand.

    Try shock wave with raichu if you don't already have it just for those sand attackers.

    Maybe evolve your shroomish because of breloom's monstrous attack power
    Other than those it sounds like a great team!

    I really need something to put here.

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    Going to move this to the Ingame Team Rate section.

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    Teaching vibrava fly seems like a waste of a slot in my opinion but will see onwards.

    At the moment raichu has thunderbolt, volt tackle, thunder wave and hidden power (I believe it's ice not 100% sure) don't really want that move on him. (Still deciding if I should keep volt tackle as it took me so many safari runs to get the damn light ball for it... heh)

    I need to get both male and female shroomish to 54 so they learn both spore so when I breed them the egg will have it already and can evolve it normally into breloom.

    Thank you for posting in the thread

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    Raichu is quite fast already, so it doesn't need Thunder Wave to outspeed. You'll have to decide whether or not you need it. If you don't, I suggest replacing it with Brick Break. If your Hidden Power type is indeed Ice, and if it has decent enough power, keep it. If it's really weak, you could consider Return > it.

    As for Dusclops,
    ~ Shadow Ball
    ~ Toxic / Will O Wisp
    ~ Protect
    ~ Return

    Keep in mind that this set can do absolutely nothing against Steel types, unless you run Will-O-Wisp. You could also try to get Earthquake > Protect, but that might be difficult.

    Flygon most certainly wants
    ~ Dragon Claw
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Whatever

    First three moves hit everything for at least neutral damage.

    ~ Mach Punch / Return
    ~ Sky Uppercut
    ~ Sludge Bomb
    ~ Spore

    Mach Punch is STAB and gives priority, Sky Uppercut is more powerful. Sludge Bomb is another physical move, as is Return. Both are for coverage. Spore since it's really useful Try to get an Adamant / Jolly nature.
    Keep in mind that this set can do absolutely nothing against Steel types, unless you run Will-O-Wisp. You could also try to get Earthquake > Protect, but that might be difficult.

    Camerupt wants
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Rock Slide
    ~ Filler, can be Amnesia, Eruption..

    Starmie is fine, try to get one with Natural Cure ability, and a Modest/Timid nature.
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    I found out that the hidden power on my raichu is fire (Fighting kecleon to test it out it awesome hehe)

    Brick Break I haven't found it yet but will get it on raichu.


    For dusclops I have macho brace on it and at the level of 42 it's stats are:

    Hp 97
    Atk 95
    Def 124
    Sp.Atk 57
    Sp.Def 130
    Spd 37

    Wouldn't payback be a good alternative? I mean this pokemon is surely slow so there's a very high chance I attack last, with payback it would deal 100 instead of 50 but I don't know that's why I'm posting here.


    Flygon for the last slot I was thinking on some flying move unless anyone else has a better suggestion.


    For breloom there's no good grass move to use on it? I was kinda saving giga drain for it but I understand the amount healed back is not that high.


    Ok so I have earthquake and rock slide already need to get flamethrower but I don't know for filler I mean amnesia is not bad but nothing special for the story only, eruption loses damage if camerupt loses health so that doesn't seem like a good move to keep... maybe sunny day or sandstorm?

    Thanks for the tips

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