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Thread: Were Cassidy and Buffy written off?

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    A thread like this was made a few months before Sleight of Sand aired in Japan iirc and it wasn't really a surprise because they've appeared every season, even in Chronicles, prior to that episode.

    If they don't appear, that's a first, but I'm positive they will some time during Da!

    I mean, they probably returned back to Kanto by now so Cassidy and Bill can appear in the Dekolora Archipelago

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    I like Butch and Cassidy more than what we have now. They have always been serious and their plans were much better probably due to the fact that they were after other pokemon instead of Pikachu all the time. I hope they didn't write them off. It would be cool if they replaced Jessie and James in XY so that it would feel a bit more fresher. Maybe get rid of Raticate for a better looking pokemon instead. And we will have a winner.
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    If they do make another appearance, can't wait to see their improved Pokemon roster!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemaniac24 View Post
    I really hope they'd be written closer to their OS selves because I thought they were great in the OS.
    Yeah. IMO, in BF...Cassidy and Hutch were at their worst, IMO.

    Seriously, though, I think they were...but then again, maybe they might appear again? Who knows?
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    I wouldn't say they're gone for least not until the TR organization disbands.

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    If TRio's promotion was written better, we should have had at least SOME interaction between Jessie and James and Biff and Cassidy. DP to BW needed an episode inbetween to have a better transition. We'd see Ash at home but with a good amount of focus on TR headquarters

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