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    Okay, I want to start out by saying that I have been posting this on another forum, but I have been getting literally zero feedback on it, which I want so I can improve as a writer.

    Next, since the new rules state I have to put a warning in the first post (And I believe that this is the first thread started after those rules were implemented), I absolutely need to point out that this is a story based on a Nuzlocke run I did in Pokemon Platinum. As such, there will be instances of blood at times. While I have not portrayed these graphically in the parts I've written (I'm actually almost done writing this because of my completionist attitude), I cannot ignore that some people do not want to read about them. In fact, I am actually half-tempted to write out the blood almost all together because it really is unneeded for the most part. Also, there are some minor instances of swearing. These are not common and are only lighter ones.

    Also, because it is based on a Nuzlocke run, it will follow the story of Platinum somewhat closely, though not exactly.

    I also want to point out that there will be some extra chapters for this, the main focus of these to help further develop characters, something that might be lost because of the format I chose. They won't follow the main format of this, but they will take place at various points during the story.

    I honestly see no point in listing the rules I used because they really only pertained to the game itself and not the story.

        Spoiler:- Entry List:

    Okay, now that that's done, let's get on with the story!

    Entry 1-January 8

    It only took seven years, but mom finally decided she was going to let me register for the league. It was quite a surprising birthday gift when she handed me the registration form. Thankfully, despite us both graduating from the Jubilife Trainers’ School together and his impatience, Barry didn’t register for the league until today. Mom took us to Sandgem Town to submit our forms to the local league office. After that we were directed to Professor Rowan’s Laboratory for our starter Pokémon…

    “C’mon, Luke! We haven’t got all day!” shouted Barry as he impatiently tapped his foot. “It isn’t that hard to choose a starter!” Everything about Barry reflected the main aspect of his personality; his impatience. His odd combination of a white and orange striped shirt and dull green jeans. His messy, dull blonde hair that looked like he’d dried it using a fan.

    “Easy for you to say. Besides you haven’t even gotten to choose yet!” retorted Luke with a grin. Luke was different than his friend in that he took his time. He wore a dark, dull blue jacket that remained unzipped, revealing a burgundy shirt. His black jeans complimented both of these. His black hair, though thick, was much more well-kept than his friend’s. It, however, was under a burgundy beret with half Poké Ball symbols right above his ears.

    The two were standing in a medium sized room with a clean, white tile floor. There were several desks with computers in it, as well as several different machines used for experiments. There were windows an inch below the ceiling on each wall, which lit the room’s cream colored walls nicely.

    Before the two stood the Pokémon they could start with. The grass-type Starter, Turtwig, was a mostly light green turtle with a brown shell. A twig, which obviously influenced the species name, stood atop its head with two leaves sticking out. Its feet, which resembled hooves more than anything, were yellow at the bottom.

    Nest to Turtwig was the fire-type Starter, Chimchar. As its name suggested, it was a monkey that was about half orange and tan. The tan was present on its face, chest, hands, and feet, with the rest being orange. The spot where its tail should have been was a small ember, and the hair on its head resembled it.

    Finally, beside Chimchar stood the water-type Starter, Piplup. It closely resembled a penguin and was mostly two shades of blue. Its head looked like it had a dark blue hood that became a cape as it moved down. Its face was mostly white, save for a strip of light blue going from the hood to its yellow beak between its eyes. Its body was the same light blue with two white spots on its belly.

    The Turtwig seemed to be rather annoyed about being there and pretty well refused to look at anyone. The exact opposite was true for the Chimchar. It looked like it was about to burst with excitement or simply just start to run around. Unlike the other two, the Piplup seemed indifferent about being there. In fact, it seemed like it would rather fall asleep.

    “Now, now. There is no need to bicker. Don’t worry, Luke. There isn’t any sort of hurry for you to decide unless you desire for there to be one,” said an older man who was standing behind the two almost-trainers. He was a head and a half taller than Luke and had snow white hair and a moustache. He was dressed more formally than Luke and Barry, with a light blue tuxedo-vest and a crimson tie. His black dress pants finished the image that he thought highly of his career.

    “Thank you, Professor Rowan,” replied Luke, sneering at his friend before turning back to the Pokémon in front of them.

    “I still don’t understand why I have to wait!” exclaimed the increasingly frustrated Barry.

    “Really?” asked Rowan, shaking his head, “Luke’s registration form was processed first, therefore he gets to choose before you. It really is not that difficult to understand.”

    “Fine. I just hope he chooses soon,” replied Barry, defeated.

    “With that, I think I’ve decided,” stated Luke, which lit up Barry’s face. Luke took a final look at the three Pokémon one last time, “I’m picking Turtwig.”

    <That’s just great. I get to go with the one who takes too long to do everything.> stated the Turtwig, which shocked Luke.

    “Did…did anyone else hear that Turtwig talk?” asked Luke, thinking he might be going crazy.

    “Of course. Pokémon simply say their name as their language, which all Pokémon understand. I’m surprised you didn’t know that. Do they no longer teach that at the Jubilife Trainers’ School?” asked Rowan, who seemed confused to an extent that Luke had asked such a question.

    “I know that, but the Turtwig spoke in perfect English!”

    “So, do you suffer from insanity or enjoy it? You never said anything about it while we were in school,” stated Barry skeptical.

    “That’s just it. The training Pokémon we used said their names. Nothing like this happened before.”

    “Hm. I recall reading about something like that years ago,” said Rowan, folding his arms as he began to think, “Because this is so interesting, I will research it. I’ll e-mail you my findings.”

    <Hey, crazy guy. Looks like we have to get used to each other. Luke, right? Name’s Hector. I guess it’s nice to meet you.> stated the Turtwig.

    …I ended up choosing Turtwig. Found out I can understand Pokémon. Barry chose Chimchar, which, of course, has an advantage over Hector. Rowan’s assistant, Dawn (Who actually graduated with Barry and I and only recently became an official trainer herself), gave us each a Pokédex, some Potions, and some empty Poke Balls. After that I went to Route 201 to find a Pokémon. Caught a Starly named Tana. She has taken to resting on my shoulder. Because my license restricts me to only catching one Pokémon in areas dictated by my Pokédex, I moved to Lake Verity and caught a Bidoof named Timmy. He apparently likes to eat a lot, and is not above stealing from others, as I found out when…

    “All right, guys. Dinner is served courtesy of the Cafeteria downstairs,” said Luke, as he opened the door to the room he was staying in at the Sandgem Pokémon Center. The room was small, but it had enough space in it for a beginning trainer. There were two beds in it, one for the trainer and one for Pokémon. The only window was a circle one on the far wall, which lit up the light green paint on the walls.

    <’Bout time! I was about to starve!> exclaimed Timmy, who was lying on the floor upside down. As a Bidoof, Timmy resembled a small, chubby beaver. The fur on his face made it seem like he had a beard. His tail consisted of five balls of fur, two of which denoted his gender.

    <Yes, because not eating for four whole hours means you will die of starvation.> remarked Hector sarcastically, which caused Timmy to glare at him.

    “You two had better start getting along. You’ve done nothing but bicker since meeting,” scolded Luke, “We’re all friends here. Or, at least we will be.”

    <Don’t mind them. I’m sure they’ll warm up to each other eventually.> said Tana, as she flew to Luke and landed on his shoulder. <I, for one, don’t have a problem with either of them.> Tana was, as her species’ name implied, was a small bird. Her feathers were mostly gray. The feathers on her head and wing tips were much darker, almost black. Her face, however, was a white down. She had a couple feathers that formed a small curl on her head.

    <Suck up.> stated Hector and Timmy simultaneously. They looked at each other, surprised they had actually agreed on something.

    <Moi? Oh, I would never do such a thing.> replied Tana as innocently as possible, but still making obvious the sarcasm oozing from her statement.

    Luke simply rolled his eyes and set three bowls with food pellets on the floor. Timmy, who was on his back still, flipped over and went to the bowl closest to him. He cautiously sniffed the food before taking a small bite and then voraciously eating the rest. Hector sighed and moved to another bowl and began eating without a second thought because the food was the same as the kind he was raised on. Finally, Tana flew over to the last bowl and began to eat.

    Everything went well until Timmy finished his food. It was obvious that he was not satisfied with the amount of food he had been given. Timmy looked around and saw that his teammates weren’t finished yet. Luke had decided to write in the journal his mother had given him. Because Hector’s was the closest, Timmy decided he would take that one. Timmy tackled and knocked Hector into the desk Luke was using and proceeded to begin eating his food.

    <What the hell?! You’ll pay for that, beaver boy!> shouted the now livid Hector. He then proceeded to return the favor and tackle Timmy. The two began to bash each other, creating a mess as they ran into the food bowls. Tana flew out of the way of the fight, which she was refusing to watch. Luke, however, quickly got out of his chair and grabbed his Pokémon.

    “Enough! We’re all friends here!” scolded Luke, “We do not fight each other; we do not steal from each other. Am I clear?”

    <B-but I-> began Timmy.

    “Am. I. Clear?”

    <Yes.> replied Hector and Timmy once again in unison.

    “Good. Now, Timmy. What do you have to say?”

    <Bring more food next time?> replied Timmy sheepishly. This was met only with a glare from his trainer. <All right, already. I’m sorry for stealing your dinner, Hector.>

    <I guess apology accepted.> answered Hector with a sigh.

    “Now that that’s over, would you mind helping me clean up? Tana, I know you weren’t a part of this, but do you mind helping as well?”

    <But, of course. I’d have helped even if you hadn’t asked.> replied Tana, which caused everyone else to roll their eyes.

    …Timmy attacked Hector for his food. After a brief scuffle, I managed to get them to stop. Room was a mess, but the four of us managed to clean it up. Oddly enough, Hector and Timmy are sleeping next to each other as I’m writing this. Tana, though, is sleeping on the desk next to me. I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be a looooong journey.

        Spoiler:- Author's Notes:

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    Wow, finally a good author with no reviews. I personally really like this. You are a talented writer. Just remember to watch the commas. You leave them out in some places.

    So... Sorry about no in depth review, but I really just don't have a long review in me right now... Especially since I'm on an iPad.

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