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Thread: THE BDIF (ego much? darkrai, buffolant, terrakion)

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    Default THE BDIF (ego much? darkrai, buffolant, terrakion)

    Now this deck was made after the few weeks after the states results and American friends just ended up using whatever was on top for the past month and played against this, (3 versions of klink60-70%, 5-6 versions of lando variants 80%, 2 versions of keldeo 50-80%, rayeels 50-70%, and Xxx Darkrai variants 50-70%, the test result was conclusive to the percentages given). And then we took a few days off before we would have a massive tournament which was yesterday. I was very sick and my head was just not in the game from 4-5 days of not even thinking about my decklist (14 days straight of testing just got to me I guess and my mind went the opposite direction). So I played and it was like I had no idea what I was doing, still got into the top 4 though speed darkrai won the tourny. lando just can't seem to make a win edge wise, it was 3 darkrai and 1 rayeels, I never quite understood why rayeels made top cut or top 4 consistently (42 states, rayeels had top 4, lando was no where to be found) yet rayeels is considered tier 2 and lando tier 1, hmmm makes you think about the mass of players that call themselves the format (they're weak, nuff said). But this is what I was playing.

    4 buffolant (I know I said never play more then 3 of a single pokemon, I just wanted a guaranteed turn 1 start with buffolant, which it did)
    1 mewtwo EX
    2 darkrai EX
    2 sableye
    1 terrakion NV
    1 keldeo EX

    4 DCE
    2 fighting
    8 dark

    2 RR
    4 cheren
    3 N
    3 juniper
    1 super rod
    4 HTL
    2 virbank
    4 ultra ball
    4 e. switch
    4 dark patch
    2 catcher
    1 computer search
    1 dark claw

    Edit: also we found from testing future cards 3 cards to look out for in the format, plasma badge, gehtsis and deoxy EX (thundurus dies to easy against everything I mean it doesn't have much of a secondary attack and it cannot live without deoxys and htl, as for most of the other cards they're just not that great, they have use's but they're just not that great in taking down darkrai, keldeo, rayquaza, mewtwo, etc).
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