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Thread: SoulSilver restart, Team Rate please =)

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    Default SoulSilver restart, Team Rate please =)

    Hi all! I'm new to as a user, been around looking at alot of stuff before. I decided to restart SoulSilver after a long break and test my pokemon knowledge. I have a good idea for strong teams in the future but I'm hiccuping at the beginning with the small choice of Pokemon and moves! Was to be expected I guess.. plus I picked a Bayleef as starter, not so offensive is all.

    Well, I need to develop a good team from the start to take out atlease Indigo League (post-Jhoto gyms) before I go onto the bigger plans for trans-regional Pokemon teams.

    For now however, my team is;

    (Hasty Nature/Ability: Overgrow)
    -Magical Leaf
    -Light Screen

    (Adamant Nature/Ability: Intimidate)
    -Confuse Ray

    (Gentle Nature/Ability: Keen Eye)
    -Quick Attack

    (Serious Nature/Ability: Guts)
    -Night Slash
    -Aerial Ace
    -Brick Break

    I have some others trained a bit along the way that is, Machop, Sudowoodo, Onix, and a Vulpix. Trying to make do with what's around and yeah I'm already trying some breeding =)

    In the future I hope for Bayleef, Pikachu, Heracross, Mamoswine, Stantler, Starmie and if I can get my hands on one, a Heatran.

    Thanks for your time! Suggestions for improvements is mainly what I'm looking for I guess, I haven't researched the League properly yet and am only past the 4th Gym..

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    Hasty Nature (not the best Nature, but oh well, I guess you don't want to breed for a new one?)
    ~Giga Drain

    Adamant Nature
    ~Zen Headbutt
    ~Hypnosis/Toxic/Bounce/Sucker Punch

    Adamant/Jolly Nature
    ~Brave Bird/Aerial Ace
    ~Steel Wing

    Adamant/Jolly Nature
    ~Rock Slide
    ~Close Combat
    ~Aerial Ace

    My shinies. Just click the links~

    ~Shiny Banner 1~
    ~Shiny Banner 2~
    ~Shiny Banner 3~

    My shinies are not for trade or cloning.
    Shinies are not listed in order, for example the last shiny on the banner is not always the latest shiny I've obtained.
    Banner 1 made by Light Venusaur, thanks ^_^

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    Thanks for the reply, finally. Already through indigo plateu. i'm experimenting with several Pokemon now including togekiss, wobbuffet, and I got heatran

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