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Thread: help me with my emerald team please? (:

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    Default help me with my emerald team please? (:

    hey guys! i recently found out that i could play pokemon on my phone (androids yeeeee) and instead of studying for midterms i've decided that living up the childhood i never had would be a better idea. but anyway. i'm on the 7th gym right now, leveling up sealeo and nuzleaf so i don't die too quickly in the gym, and i figured it'd probably be a good time to get some suggestions on my team!


    1. manectric: careful-male-level 41
    ability: lightningrod
    - spark
    - quick attack
    - bite
    - roar
    waiting on thunder (lvl 45 i think?) and debating about teaching him thunderbolt

    2. lairon: timid-female-level 34
    ability: rock head
    (i'm definitely leveling her up after i beat the 7th gym!)
    - iron defense
    - metal claw
    - iron tail
    - headbutt (haha...)

    3. sealeo: serious-male-level 37
    ability: thick fat
    - hail
    - ice ball
    - body slam
    - aurora beam
    i just got ice beam and i'm going to teach him it; i just can't figure out which moves to delete for that and surf. ):

    4. blaziken: quirky-female-level 44
    ability: blaze
    - ember
    - slash
    - blaze kick
    - double kick
    i'm thinking about saving up to buy enough coins to buy flamethrower at the game corner. is this a good idea?

    5. nuzleaf: relaxed-male-level 40
    ability: early bird (i didn't check for this before i caught him...)
    - faint attack
    - fake out
    - growth
    - nature power
    i have shadow ball already but i'm not entirely sure what i should delete for that.
    i'm evolving him to shiftry after he learns extrasensory!

    6. linoone
    this guy's my HM slave; i'm going to replace him with bagon/shelgon/salamence when i get the chance to. (: gotta love that pickup though (he's level 31 atm)
    if possible, could you guys give me a theoretical moveset for salamence though? if not that's cool too haha

    also, if you guys think that i should change a pokemon, please tell me! just note that because i'm on an android and i don't think that anyone can trade pokemon with me (not entirely sure how it'd work, actually), i'm limited to non-tradable pokemon.

    i also have a question about hidden power: i know its type is based off of a bunch of calculations with respect to the pokemon's stats; however does it change every time you level up your pokemon, or does it just stay the same type after you teach it hidden power? (sorry if this is a really nooby questions. orz)

    thank you guys sooo much. <3 sorry for so many questions haha
    and sorry i'm so nooby ):

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    Starting with you questions:
    The type and power of Hidden Power are set for each Pokémon, based on their Individual Values. Since those don't change, that means that the type and power of Hidden Power won't change.

    Then about the team. I must say that you've got some awful natures on your Pokémon, so what I'll do is suggest some better ones, but keep in mind that that requires breeding. Of course, you don't have to change anything, but it might be worth looking at your Pokémon's natures and base stats and compare what each nature does. I'll give you an example: your Lairon has a Timid nature, which means Attack is lowered, and Speed is boosted. If we take a look at Lairon's base stats, we can see that his base Attack is 90, his base Special Attack is 50 and its Speed is 40. What a Timid nature does in this case, is to lower his best attacking stat, and boosting a really low stat. You generally want to boost (one of) the highest base stat(s), and lower the lowest, or, if you boost (Special) Attack, lower the other attacking stat, as long as you don't need it.
    Also, I suggest you get a Salamence, it really helps with your huge Fighting and Ground weaknesses.

    Hasty (+Spd, -Def) / Naive (+Spd, -SDef)
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Sky Uppercut
    ~ Slash / Return
    ~ Bulk Up

    Quirky nature is actually not really bad, it just does nothing at all. No stat is lowered, no stat is boosted. The moveset is pretty easy to get, and doesn't use any of the one off TM's, which is why I like to use it until I get to the Battle Tower.

    Mild (+SAtk, -Def) / Rash (+SAtk, -SDef)
    ~ Thunderbolt
    ~ Bite / Crunch
    ~ Thunder Wave
    ~ Return

    Crunch requires breeding a female Electrike/Manectric with a male Seviper, the latter must know Crunch, which it learns at lvl 28.
    Aside from that, this is pretty much the best you can do, without breeding for Hidden Power [Ice], which I won't ask you to do.
    Careful nature lowers Special Attack, which is not something you want.

    Sealeo (eventually Walrein)
    Quiet (+SAtk, -Spd)
    ~ Surf
    ~ Ice Beam
    ~ Body Slam / Return / Toxic
    ~ Rest

    Toxic is a one-off TM, so you may not want to use it. Surf and Ice Beam are two powerful Same Type Attack Boost (STAB) moves. STAB means that the power of the moves who are of the same type as the users type (a Fire type using Flamethrower, a Water type using Surf etcetera) receive a 50% boost. So Surf would not be a 95 base power move, but instead 95*1,5=147.
    Body Slam is for coverage, and can Paralyze the opponent, whereas Return has more power. Toxic deals damage over a longer period of time. Rest to heal yourself, which works really nice with Walrein's natural bulk.
    The Serious nature it has now is not that bad, it just doesn't boost/lower anything.

    Lairon (Aggron)
    Adamant (+Atk, -SAtk) @ Rock Head
    ~ Iron Tail
    ~ Double Edge
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Rock Tomb / Rock Slide

    Earthquake is a one-off TM, so you may not want to use it until you've duplicated it via the Battle Tower. If so, you can use Mud Slap instead, but remember that that move is not really powerful.
    Rock Tomb also is a one-off TM, and on top of that not really powerful. You're better off teaching it Rock Slide after you've beaten the League via some Battle Points.

    Nuzleaf (Shiftry)
    Hasty / Naive
    ~ Faint Attack
    ~ Extrasensory
    ~ Nature Power
    ~ Fake Out

    Shiftry really has troubles getting the right moveset without using any TM/HM. This set doesn't use any of those, which means that it's not as powerful as it could've been, but it's somewhat decent.
    Relaxed nature lowers Speed, which is at a decent base 80, and boosts Defence, base 60.
    Faint Attack is STAB, Extrasensory for coverage, Fake Out since it flinches, and Nature Power is somewhat gimmicky, but can be really useful.

    Then a moveset for Salamence:
    Hasty / Naive
    ~ Fly
    ~ Dragon Claw
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Crunch / Dragon Dance

    Dragon Dance requires you to breed a female Bagon with a male Gyarados, the latter must know Dragon Dance. You might not find it worth your while, since it only boosts Attack (and Speed), and therefore only Fly will become more powerful. You can get all the moves via lvl-up, or via the Game Corner (Flamethrower).

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    Or you could catch an alteteria in sky pillar at 35lvl that already knows dragon dance and breed it with that.
    spiritomb with wonderguard........ ugh..,

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