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Thread: Create a Dungeon!

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    Default Create a Dungeon!

    In this thread you can let your imagination run to create any Dungeon you want!

    I'll just post this form to make them.
    Name: Straight-forward, the name.
    Floors: How many floors it has.
    Pokémon: What Pokémon are in the Dungeon, and on what floors.
    How to Unlock: How to unlock :P
    Rewards: Things you get for clearing it, Treasure on the Last Floor, etc.
    Effects: Stuff like Weather, Darkness, etc.
    Design: What e Dungeon and tiles look like.
    Story: How the story plays out there.
    Theme: Just what Music wouldplay there.

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    Ooh, I used to do this kind of thing when Red and Blue Mystery Dungeon were still out!

    Floors: 5
    Pokčmon: Ghastly(1-4), Haunter(3-4), Sabeleye(4), and a Gengar boss on 5.
    How to Unlock: Well, the idea is that this would be a challenge from Gengar (of Team Blue or whatever they called themselves), and as such, you couldn't go here until you were challenged.
    Rewards: Money... 500 P.
    Effects: Fog
    Design: Well, I imagined that it would be something like the dungeon where you take Gengar to Ninetales.
    Story: You fight Gengar at the end...
    Theme: The I forget what that thing is when tons of Pokčmon attack at once theme.

    That's all for now, I'll post some more later!

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    Create a dungeon? Sure, sounds like a lot of fun! Good way to help spur the creative process for my Mystery Dungeon characters too.

    Name: Abandoned Laboratory
    Floors: 15 (ignoring the final floor)
    Pokémon: Floors 1-7: Magnemite, Ferroseed, Joltik, Klink. Floors 8-15: Magnemite, Galvantula, Klang, Voltorb, Electrode.
    How to Unlock: You and your partner(s) find out about an old urban legend of a mysterious Pokemon living inside desolate building made by unknown means (humans maybe?) for unknown reasons. No one dares to enter the dungeon, out of fear of the unknown danger deep within the lab until now; your team deceides to resolve this mystery once and for all.
    Rewards: See Story below.
    Effects: The last three or four floors are dark.
    Design: Layout and tiles are similar to the warehouses and labs found in the main Pokemon games.
    Story: You and your team make your way through the dungeon, only to find no one or nothing at the end of it. Thinking that the legend was nothing more than a spooky story, you and your team decide to turn around and head home. But before you can, the whole floor goes black. You and your fellow teammates panic, stumbling around to try and find your way out before something bad happens. In a few moments, you (the team leader) suddenly see a pair of vivid gold eyes in the blackness. The creature with the eyes lunges at you in the dark, and you, in your horror, try to throw it off. The lights suddenly come back on, and you see your attacker. It is a Scizor, the Pokemon of the urban legend! Angry, he demands to know why you have come to his home. You and your team apologize, but the Scizor believes that you have come to disturb his work, as not only the Abandoned Lab his home, but his place of work. What he does or has done is a mystery to you, but you know that he will not let you go without a fight. Thus, your team and the Scizor engage in the dungeon's boss battle. If you defeat him, the Scizor will apologize for his behavior, saying that living in the dungeon for so long in solitude had temporarily deprived him of common sense. As a formal act of apology for his uncouth behavior (and out of a desire for company) he asks if he can join your team. (The recruitment is the main reward of the dungeon.) If you agree, you have a new member. If not, he gives you a stats-boosting item (such as Protein) instead; as that was what he was "working" on. (Returning to the dungeon will result in a recruit/item scenario again after a battle, albeit a friendly one, until Scizor is recruited.)
    Theme: The music for the main dungeon is forboding and mechanical, yet Scizor's music is faster and slightly more upbeat, yet keeping the mechanical feel.

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    Name: Road of Origins
    Floors: 30 floors
    Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth, Machop, Cubone, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Skitty, Turtwig, himchar, Piplup, Munchlax, Vulpix, Phanphy, Shinx, Riolu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and Axew. On the next 10, the mid evolutions of every pokemon excluding pokes with only 2 evolutions, the last 10 have every pokemon at its final form
    How to Unlock: at the near ending of Post story
    Rewards: on the story, none. Aftergame, 16 chests with rare Items.
    Effects: Every form of weather available.
    Design: the design has more Ancient Human pyramid structures and a couple man-made machines that are abandoned.
    Theme: plays a tune of the modern human city in the early parts. Slowly, its tone changes to older and older human ages like the renaissance up til it reaches the cavemen. The on the last few portions is a soothing rebirth theme that signifies the hero/ine's rebirth as a pokemon

    Story: at the end of the dungeon, this is where you decide if you waned to be a human again or stay as a pokemon.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    Name: Cascade Lake
    Floors: 49F + Depths
    Pokémon:     Spoiler:- long list:

    How to Unlock: Obtain HM Waterfall after beating Ho-oh at a dungeon I have yet to finalize (Sundance Peak)
    Rewards: Upon defeat, Suicune will give you the Wind Gem. Water Stones can be found on 48F.
    Effects: Rain, Snow or Hail. Beginning at 25F, the player will also have decreased visibility (two-tile range in hallways).
    Design: Starts off with the design of the Water Maze in Makuhita Dojo (1F-22F), transitioning to a design with small patches of snow visible (23F-40F), and ending with the design of Northwind Field 1F-19F (41F-end)
    Story: This arc takes place postgame, after beating Ho-oh at Sundance Peak. The player must collect the Wind Gem, as well as two other gems from Raikou and Entei. This will unlock a dungeon where the player can face Lugia, the Maelstrom Sea.
    Theme: Lapis Cave (1F-22F), Frosty Forest (23F-40F), Frosty Grotto (41F-end)

    Every time you have a bad day, just go to Advanced Search, enter "Him in the Court" in the User Name box, and voila.


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    Name: Jirachi's Haven
    Floors: 39 + 10 Stratosphere Levels and then a Boss Floor.
    Pokčmon: Salamence(1-39, S1-10), Metagross(1-39, S1-10), Dusclops(10-39), Misdreveaus(10-39), Gardevior(20-39, S1-5), Tropius(1-39, S1-10), Aerodactyl(1-39, S1-10), Jirachi(Boss Floor)
    How To Unlock: Well, the idea is that this would be an alternate ending to PMD:R/B, so after defeating Rayquaza, a long sequence of things happen, which I will put in a spoiler tag for those who don't what to read it.
    Rewards: Unlocks all of the stuff that you unlock when you beat the game...
    Effects: None.
    Design: Looks like the night sky.
        Spoiler:- Long Story:

    Theme: Same music as Sky Fortress that Rayquaza's in; First Variation of music for floors 1-39, second variation for floors S1-10, Legend battle theme for Jirachi Fight.

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    Name: Master's Castle
    Floors: 20 floors
    Pokémon: Donphan ( 1-10 ), Scizor ( 10-20 ), Raichu ( 1-10 ), Blastoise ( 10-20 ), Charizard ( 10-20 ), Venusaur ( 10-20 ), Tauros ( 1-10 ), Kabutops ( 1-10 ), Alakazam ( 10-20 ), Metagross ( 10-20 ), Dragonite ( 10-20 ), Salamence ( 10-20 ), Flygon ( 10-20 ), Typhlosion ( 10-20 ), Feraligatr ( 10-20 ), Blaziken ( 10-20 ), Swampert ( 10-20 ), Sceptile ( 10-20 ), Empoleon ( 10-20 ), Infernape ( 10-20 ), Torterra ( 10-20 ) and Gyarados ( 1-20 ).
    How to Unlock: The final dungeon
    Rewards: The chance to recruit a Legendary Pokemon
    Effects: No effects
    Design: An old tower with dusty grey bricks
    Theme: A dark, deathly theme

    Story: At the end of the dungeon, a level 80 Mewtwo awaits.

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