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Thread: What do you think of my Black 2 team?

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    Question What do you think of my Black 2 team?


    I´m new here and my first question will be how good you think my Black 2 team is looking at the moment.

    Samurott@Mystic Water Lv:57

    Ability: Torrent

    Timid nature


    Swords Dance
    Ice Beam

    Eelektross@Quick Claw Lv:56

    Ability: Levitate

    Bushful nature


    Thunder Wave

    Haxorus@Draco Plate Lv:56

    Ability: Mold Breaker

    Lonely nature


    Dragon Claw
    Dragon Pulse
    Swords Dance
    Dragon Dance

    Lucario@Scope Lens Lv:56

    Ability: Inner Focus

    Naughty nature


    Calm Mind
    Aura Sphere
    Close Combat

    Any suggestions on new members and changes in movesets or natures?
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    I see a couple obvious problems right from the start.

    Samurott doesn't need Swords Dance with the set you've given him; He's only got one physical move in retaliate, so the Swords Dance boost doesn't do much good for him. Try a mixed set instead. Give it X-Scissor or Megahorn (depending on your preference for accuracy vs. power), and Superpower, Revenge, or Return to round off the coverage. Superpower has a ton of power, but the stat drops may be unappealing (although with a mixed set, you can still fire off Special Attacks without hindrance after a stat drop). Revenge is also viable, since Samurott is a little on the slow side so it doesn't mind the negative priority. And above all else, if you don't want to deal with side effects and just want a reliable physical attack, there's always Return.

    -Ice Beam

    Lucario has the exact same problem. You gave it Calm Mind, but Calm Mind only boosts Aura Sphere's damage. Having both Close Combat and Aura Sphere can be a little redundant as well, despite one being physical and one being special. And Strength is generally poor and shouldn't be used (since the in-game strength boulders can be permanently pushed in place, thus eliminating the need for the HM). Fortunately, Lucario has a lot of options, so it can actually go Physical or Mixed (or I'm personally not the biggest fan of specially based Lucario despite its higher SpA).

    Physical Lucario
    -Swords Dance
    -Close Combat
    -Ice Punch

    Mixed Lucario
    -Work Up
    -Aura Sphere
    -Shadow Ball
    -Ice Punch

    Either way gives you the solid coverage of Fighting/Ghost or Fighting/Dark (Ghost and Dark have almost identical coverage, you see), and supplement it with Ice Punch to hit some potential counters like Gliscor, Salamence, etc. And of course you get a boosting move in both sets that ALL of the moves are boosted by.

    Haxorus wants only physical attacks. With a massive base 147 attack stat, but only base 60 special attack, using special attacks (i.e., Dragon Pulse) is just missing out on easy damage. Having two boosting moves is a little redundant as well; You typically just need one turn of setup to begin wrecking things. I'd drop Swords Dance and keep Dragon Dance; Its speed is sort of modest so it could benefit from the increase in Speed as well as Power from DD. In addition, the Rock Slide + Earthquake combo will give it some reliable coverage, the latter of which hits the steel types that resist Haxorus's STAB

    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw
    -Rock Slide

    Potential additional teammates could be things like Braviary and Chandelure, which can afford you a bit more coverage and diversity.

    Adamant/Jolly Nature
    -Fly/Brave Bird
    -Rock Slide

    Modest/Timid Nature
    Flash Fire
    -Shadow Ball
    -Energy Ball
    -Calm Mind
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    Personally I don't think there's much merit in Thunderwave on Eelektross given how slow it is. Quick Claw isn't a very reliable item either, and furthermore running both Quick Claw and Thunderwave seems a bit of a waste, since why would you bother paralysing your opponent if you want to rely on chance, and vice versa. That said, personally I would run Drain Punch > Thunderwave as i) a means of recovery and ii) a powerful move which gets decent coverage. Grass Knot is also a move you might want to try in that fourth moveslot to hit Ground-types for super-effective damage (although they can't hit you for super-effective damage due to Levitate). Also it would be best to run a more reliable item; Expert Belt works well on Eelektross as, since you're running four moves, you'll be able to get many super-effective hits, and those hits will be powered up thanks to Expert Belt.

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    Thanks guys!! I really appreciate your help, I´m very bad at movesets and making a good team with good synergy. I hope to learn a lot during my time here on Serebiiforums. And again thanks for the help

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