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Thread: Check out my team, improvements?

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    Question Fire Red team improvements

    I'm playing Fire Red and I have all 8 badges.
    This is my team:
    Charizard - Level 44 - Rash Nature
    Fire Blast
    Kadabra - Level 42 - Relaxed Nature
    Shadow Ball
    Calm Mind
    Jolteon - Level 42 - Docile Nature
    Shock Wave
    Quick Attack
    Thunder Wave
    Lapras - Level 41 - Adamant Nature
    Ice Beam
    Body Slam
    Rain Dance
    Dragonair - Level 41 - Hasty Nature
    Dragon Rage
    Thunder Wave
    Pidgeot - Level 40 - Impish Nature
    Aerial Ace
    Steel Wing
    Feather dance

    I want to keep the same team but I am willing to change. What moves should I teach them?

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    Pretty good. I don't know why u would have an adamant nature on a lapras, if ur playing competitivly, go breed it for another nature. if not, take out rain dance for perish song. On charzaird replace either fire blast or flame throwers with fly( then give leftovers so that he can heal in air) on pideot, try a toxic, fly, steel wing whirlwind/return(stab boost) evolve kadabra( if on a emulater trash him, he sucks a**) oh yeh quick note evolve dragoniar at 56 not at 55 so that he can learn outrage 5 lvls earlier.
    spiritomb with wonderguard........ ugh..,

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    Quite excellent, I must say XD I've never really thought of Pidgeot as a particularly good Poké, with the nature and moveset you gave it its pretty exceptional. Certainly one of the best Pkmn teams I've ever seen, you have coverage for almost every type. My only suggestion is try to somehow get a better dragon type move for dragonair cause twister and dragon rage aren't that good (you also might want to give Jolteon a more powerful electric move). Other than that its great and good luck.

    I really need something to put here.

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