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    Cool Rmt

    I am going through White 2 for the 3rd time, but haven't played in a while. I normally just use 6 pokemon I like, and this is my first organized and planned team. I just want feedback and some suggestions for changes. This is being planned in advance.
    My team will be:
    Emboar (only unova starter I haven't used)
    Crobat (Flying type, and I wanted to try the classic annoyance)
    Vaporeon (The water type, I have heard its good)
    Roserade (The grass type, considered over lilligant)
    Krookodile (To handle electric and psychic types, which are problematic for this team)
    Galvantula (My flying type counter, also to deal with psychic types)

    I hope I get some feedback!

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    Please put up some movesets, natures, hold items, EVs (if you feel like using them; probably not in a in game team), and what they do for your team.
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    no dont this is the wrong place for this
    i don't want to live through winter
    i can't stand to see everything ending

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