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Thread: Heart Gold Team, never competed before

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    Default Heart Gold Team, never competed before

    This is my first time on this forum. I've never battled competitively before. For something to do over the summer, we made a bet $10 each for a tourny. I think it's single battle. You have to use your starter, and no legendaries. HG SS. None of them have battled competitively either, so I'm not up against anything hard. We do level 60's. My team is all around lvl 50, so I'm not quite there yet. I had the pokerus for awhile, so I'm hoping this helped, and I still have it with other pokemon if needed. It took forever to get the shinies, so I thought I'd just show them off as much as possible Here's my team so far:

    Shiny Typhlosion - Brave (+Att - Speed) charcoal
    Shadow Claw, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Swift?? (need move ideas)

    Shiny Dragonair (+att - sp.att) Dragon Fang
    Thunderwave, Thunderbolt, Aqua Tail, Dragon Rush (the electric moves are temporary, so give me some ideas for moves)

    Rhyperior (+speed - spdef) Solid Rock, leftovers
    stealth rock, earthquake, avalanche, hammer arm

    Manectric (+spatt -att) static choice specs
    Discharge, thunder, thunderwave, overheat (ideas for moves)

    Mismagius (+speed -att) Focus Band
    Thunder, Shadow ball, Psychic, Pain Split

    Quagsire (normal) Water Absorb Quick Claw
    Surf, earthquake, strength, mud shot
    I'm only considering quagsire, because I can sub him in after I use stealth rock, expecting a water move.

    I've also given some thought into getting some toxic spike action in there, whether through tentacruel or roserade. I don't own a d/p/pt edition game, so I don't have access to some of things, as far as I know. I do have s/lg/e though. If I decide to lead with toxic spikes, then I can get rid of the thunderwave moves. Maybe a protect/stalling pokemon to go with the poison? Quagsire would be my first priority for replacement.

    Please keep in mind that none of my opponents have played the game competitively.

    Any pokemon or moves you can think of that I could/should use, be my guest to suggest


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    Dragonite @ Expert Belt
    Adamant (which is what you have)
    252 Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP
    ~ Dragon Claw
    ~ Fire Punch
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Dragon Dance

    In case you want to EV train, I've listed the EVs. Keep in mind though, that you might want to first remove all of the current EVs via berries in order to be sure about what EVs your Pokémon are getting.
    Also keep in mind that any Pokémon that has (had) the Pokérus Virus will receive double the EV points after each battle.

    Your Typhlosion, though Shiny, doesn't have the best nature. Any nature that doesn't lower its Speed would've been better. What I'll do is list multiple options, one is based on the current Typhlosion, the other in case you want to breed.

    Typhlosion @ Choice Scarf
    Brave / Mild
    252 Special Attack / Speed EV until Speed hits 160 / Leftover in Attack
    ~ Eruption
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Thunder Punch
    ~ Focus Blast

    Keep in mind that Typhlosion would like to reach 160 Speed at lvl 60. That way you'll outspeed most Pokémon, as long as you have the Choice Scarf equipped. Since you're faster, you can fire off at least one OP Eruption. Flamethrower is there for when you're at lower health, the rest is coverage. Keep in mind that Focus Miss has shabby accuracy.

    I'll take a look at the rest of the team later. I have just one question though, are you willing to breed (for moves)/EV train/etc?

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    [/QUOTE]I'll take a look at the rest of the team later. I have just one question though, are you willing to breed (for moves)/EV train/etc?[/QUOTE]

    I would breed for sure, and I would do my best to train the EV's accordingly. The level cap is 60. haha I knew its nature was bad, but I couldn't help it. Although I got lucky with dragonair's nature I think.

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    I might change Manectric to Charge Beam, Signal Beam, then a combination of Overheart, Flamethrower, or Thunder.

    I'm happy with Mismagius, as I like the Focus Band/Pain split combo.

    I'm thinking about a toxic spikes combo, with a Blissey that can use protect and substitute. But I don't know who I would take out. Quagsire for one, but I'm not sure about the other. They won't have any clue about rapid spin, so that's good. OR I could stall with Rhyperior. Teach it protect and dig instead of earthquake and some other move? I wouldn't know which one to get rid of. I love avalanche, and hammer arm is good.

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    Okay, sorry about bringing my post back up, but I figured I would update it. So, here's what I have changed.
    Dragonit: Life Orb
    fire punch
    dragon rush
    dragon dance

    I added a drapion (-sp atk +def) black sludge, sniper
    Toxic Spikes
    Night Slash
    Poison Fang?

    Now I'm trying to get a shiny porygon to add, but I'm not sure if it is worth it. I could add an espeon, umbreon, or porygon. (game corner)
    This would likely replace Manectric I think. Let me know what you guys think. I wish I could replace Typhlosion, but we have to use our starter.
    And can someone please tell me how to pronounce mismagius... It's bugging the crap outa me haha. Thanks

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    hello cincyred a shiny porygon is up to you
    an umbreon or espeon is better than the porygon though
    I will not post ev's unless you want me to
    substitute/stab move
    life orb
    shadow ball
    calm mind
    morning sun

    also I think mismagius is pronounced
    I think

    hope that helps
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    Ok guys. The tourny is one week away. It's just between me and a few of my friends, and we've all only played casually. The stakes have been raised to $15 per person, so winner gets $75. Easy money! I'm starting to get sucked into the competitiveness of it all. SO. Here's yet another update (sorry guys)

    Mismagius -atk +spd levitate Focus Band (probably going to replace)
    pain split

    Dragonite +atk -spatk inner focus Life Orb (he's a monster)
    fire punch
    dragon rush
    dragon dance

    Rhyperior +spd - spdef solid rock Leftovers
    stealth rock
    hammer arm

    typhlosion +atk - spd Expert Belt
    Focus Blast
    flame wheel
    Quick Attack

    Drapion +def -spatk Sniper Black Sludge
    toxic spikes
    poison fang?
    night slash

    quagsire water absorb quick claw (probably won't use)
    mud shot

    Manectric Static -atk +spatk choice specs (kinda low special attack for what I was expecting.. eeh)

    Ninjask +atk -spatk speed booster focus sash
    Giga Impact
    Baton Pass
    Swords Dance

    Gliscor +atk -spatk ?

    So, with those candidates named, I am leaning towards a team of typhlosion, dragonite, drapion, rhyperior, ninjask, and manectric. I was watching the 5 guys and a Gigalith series on youtube, which is what inspired me to use Ninjask with giga impact. Buuut, then I got sucked into the idea of baton pass. Ninjask is also the only one, besides drapion, who I am paying attention to with the EV's. All attack and HP.

    I could also continue going for a shiny porygon-z. The sad thing is... I already got a shiny one after a short time of hunting, but it was +atk and -spatk. Very depressing.. So after long consideration, I decided to scrap it and keep hunting. I didn't want to waste all those game corner coins. So let me know what you would do with this team. I have to use typhlosion, and I'm not sure what role he should play.

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated

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    You should have put the update on the first post, not on the middle of the thread. People always look at first post, not the middle of the thread.

    Lonely/Naughty Nature

    Ninjask wants X-Scissor/Aerial Ace over Giga Impact. Believe me, for Competitive, unless it is being set up on purpose, Giga Impact sucks.

    Rhyperior hates Naive Nature, get a new one with Brave Nature and replace Hammer Arm with Rock Slide/Stone Edge.

    For Typhlosion, just use the moveset that Emeraldfan mentioned.

    Drapion @ Scope Lens
    Adamant/Jolly Nature, Sniper ability
    ~Cross Poison
    ~Night Slash
    ~Ice Fang

    And yeah, remove Quagsire.

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