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Thread: Hi, How are ya?

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    Default Hi, How are ya?

    Hi! I'm NORAYMO6!
    I love Pokemon
    I love the original, N64 AND B/W most!
    I hang out on forums a lot.
    I love art and music.
    I can draw at a professional level
    I have a DA.
    I'm an Admin of my own site elsewhere.
    I love other cartoons and stuff like...
    dbz,Sailor Moon,Naruto,Shakugan no Shana,Oreimo, AvatarTV,etc...
    Other games like Spyro,Crash,Sonic,Mario,LBP,Megaman.
    My fav movies are TLotR's, Jurassic Park and Never ending story.
    I ove the show Tales from the Crypt!
    I know martial arts, Tae Bo.
    And lasty I love almost anything 90's and 80's,
    Nostagia gets me.

    That sums me up...
    I Won't Let You Hurt Him!

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    Welcome to SPPF!

    If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.


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