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Thread: How to improve my pokemon deck?

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    Default How to improve my pokemon deck?

    So, I just started getting into playing the Pokemon card game instead of just collecting. So, this is my first actual deck btw it is modified

    Pokemon: 15

    1x Black Kyurem EX(from the tin)
    2x Bouffalant(dragons exalted)
    2x Buneary(boundaries crossed)
    2x Lopunny(boundaries crossed)
    3x Wurmple(dragons exalted)
    2x Silcoon(dragons exalted)
    1x Beautifly(dragons exalted)
    1x Vulpix(dragons exalted)
    1x Ninetales(dragons exalted)

    Trainers: 27

    2x Crushing Hammer
    2x Giant Cape
    4x Switch
    2x Pokemon Catcher
    1x Aspertia Gym
    1x Heavy Ball
    4x N
    4x Cheren
    1x Bianca
    1x Cilan
    2x PlusPower
    1x Town Map
    1x Potion
    1x Ultra Ball

    Energy: 18

    2x Double Colorless Energy
    3x Grass Energy
    5x Water Energy
    8x Lightning Energy

    Is my deck bad? what could I do to improve it?

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