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    Default baton pass eevee

    how does it work to trade between crystal and gold: do you wait for eevee to learn baton pass in crystal, then trade? so if i put my silver eevee onto crystal, will it learn baton pass at lvl 36, or will it still learn focus energy?

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    The move it learns depends on which game the Eevee is on when it reaches level 36. If your Eevee is on Crystal when it gets to that level, then it will learn Baton Pass.
    So, let Eevee learn Baton Pass on Crystal, then you can trade it back to Gold/Silver.
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    This even means you can trade an Eevee from R/B/Y onto Crystal to teach it Baton Pass, then put it onto G/S.

    Question answered, so I'm closing this. Please use the Help/FAQ thread for these kinds of simple questions in the future.

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