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Thread: 2012 Fanfiction Awards: RESULTS

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    Nearly belated thanks to everyone who voted for me, and more importantly, congrats to pretty much everyone, regardless of whether or not you won anything. The point is you made it, so there are people who think you're awesome.

    Good luck next year!

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    >10: 1 vote: Rosco, Just A Dog by SerenadeSP

    I didn't even realize I was nominated!

    Even though I came in dead last, thanks to the person who voted for me. My day has been made.

    Congrats to everyone else who got nominated this year, too!
    Yu-Gi-Oh: World Tour
    A collab fic (w/ Brandy Beavers & Uninspired Author)
    Sixth Stop is up [2/8/15]

    Heroic Potential
    A Yugioh! fic. Chapter 20 is up [12/14/13]

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    I'll be honest with all of you. Even if I went Camerupt downer that my Feli Chronicles didn't get a SINGLE vote, seeing the title of my Original Novel on the Best Non-Pokemon Story category gave me a sort of Bittersweet aftermath. I mean, no votes. Yet, my work was represented as one of the top five. It's bitter on the first taste. Sweet to swallow.

    I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF GOING THAT high on that one category! Too speechless to respond...

    Maybe its because from that position that really encouraged me to improve my original story.

    As I prepared my on-going Pokemon Fanfiction while showing you guys my Feli Chronicles series for the next Serebii Fanfiction Awards, I give all of you and me a grand Kudos from the South East.

    May fortune bless you.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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