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Thread: The end of the line [BRMT]

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    Default The end of the line [BRMT]

    Yes, it's time. Not that anyone cares, mind you. It's my final RMT for 4th Gen. Might be used in 4th Gen Competitive, if I'm not lazy smh.

    I've always loved this section, it's where I started my rating career and I've always preferred it to 5th Gen, since there weren't as many thickheaded people. Now, everybody has moved on, and this section barely has any Teams, and none that are above average tbh. I'll still be working on the BAT in 5th Gen and rating, but not very much here. I'm gradually losing interest in Pokemon. It sucks. With this RMT I'm going to mention some of the people who have had an effect on me in this section, both positively and negatively, and also people who affected this section with a good vibe.

    At a Glance

    In Depth

    • Kays @ Life Orb
    • Levitate
    • Timid
    • 4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    » Draco Meteor
    » Hidden Power [Fire]
    » Surf
    » Recover

    Offensive Latias. Yeah. CM Latias take too long to set up, but with this you fire off attacks right away. LO + Recover is pretty lolstandard, once I've taken some LO damage I can heal it off with Recover, and Latias has pretty good natural bulk to boot. Draco Meteor is my sole STAB, it hurts anything not named Chansey / Blissey or a Steel Type. Hidden Power [Fire] works well in tandem with DM to hit dem Steel Types bar Heatran pretty hard, which is pretty neat. Finally, Surf is used to round off the coverage and hitting Heatran, who is pretty much the only thing resisting Dragon + Fire out there.

    Kays helped me in my campaign quite alot; although indirectly, he helped teach me quite a bit about the BT and improved my rates overall. Although most people tended to dislike him due to his style of rating whole teams replacing almost anything he didn't like. Latias is chosen since that was his avatar since the beginning.

    • Tsumiki @ Leftovers
    • Thick Fat
    • Adamant
    • 252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 Def

    » Curse
    » Waterfall
    » Return
    » Rest

    CurseRein is pretty much the only decent Rein set you'll find, other than StallRein. Anyways, Curse is mandatory on CurseRein for obv reasons. Water + Normal is only resisted by Empoleon who is hit by other Team members anyways. Besides, I can't pass up the neutral coverage. Rest is there to heal and stop status while I'm setting up, though RestTalk could be used so I'm not sitting around hoping I won't be killed.

    Steph was a pretty nice person when I first met her; she also know her fair share about rating, and lended me some of her knowledge in my n00b days. Advice ranging from 'lurk more' to 'stay around and learn, you're one of the better regulars here.' Her last venture was the Tiering, which went well enough, and it is currently complete. Sadly, Steph has pretty much retired and she is caught up in her studies nowadays.

    • Shine @ Leftovers
    • Magnet Pull
    • Modest
    • 252 Hp / 252 SpA / 4 Spe

    » Charge Beam
    » Substitute
    » Hidden Power [Ice]
    » Thunderbolt

    Standard SubBeam is standard. Still, I'll explain it for the hell of it. Substitute is useful for 'protecting' myself while I spam Charge Beam to get to +6. It blocks Status aswell which can be somewhat annoying. Hidden Power [Ice] is there for BoltBeam, which gets solid coverage alongside my Electric STABs. Ironically, Magnezone resists BoltBeam too :P Thunderbolt is mainly used once I've gotten sufficient setup or I need something dead fast.

    Ah, Shine. While, personally, he hasn't really had much of an effect on my rating, he deserves a mention. He's a great mod in general, he posts rates often, and his rates are above average. Honestly, he's a good example of what to aim for in this section. I have a lot of respect for him, he's the best mod imo, only second to Joe. speaking of Joe, where is he? Oh and apparently Magnezone is his favorite Pokemon.

    • (Pro)bopass @ Choice Specs
    • Blaze
    • Timid
    • 4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    » Overheat
    » Dragon Pulse
    » Focus Blast
    » Air Slash

    SpecsZard is, well, underused, to say the least. Overheat is mah main STAB, which I can fire off, and even at -2 it kills stuff easily. Dragon Pulse gets nice coverage alongside Overheat, only resisted by Heatran who is hit by Focus Miss. Focus Miss gets additional coverage, it hits pretty mcuh anything that walls Dragon + Fire blah blah blah. Air Slash is a secondary STAB when I don't want to be risky and Charizard is my last pogey.

    (Pro)bopass is an interesting character. When I first saw him, he came off as a jerk, telling people, even me, to lurk, after I thought I had improved. Well, it turns out he knew what he was talking about. He stayed around for a while, making solid rates and posting a few Teams. Anyways, I picked his SpecsZard since lolprobopass.

    • Noctourniquet @ Leftovers
    • Levitate
    • Impish
    • 252 Hp / 252 Def / 4 Atk

    » Will O Wisp
    » Protect
    » Seismic Toss
    » Memento

    Dusknoir was added for the Fighting weakness, since I needed an immunity and a dedicated physical Wall, which Gengar can't really perform. WoW allows me to cut the Attack of Physical Sweepers and take hits like a boss. Protect can be used for stalling, and to get some Lefties recovery. Seismic Toss is a solid Attacking option in most cases to further damage the opponent. Finally, I'm using Memento to just cripple stuff and give me time to send in a counter or cripple a Sweeper.

    I couldn't find a suitable pogey to represent Alex, so I went with something that has a Fighting immunity. Alex was a petty big influence on me. He really brought out the quality's of rating; the joy of helping people and learning from mistakes. More importantly, he's probably the best example of an above average rater.

    • Eon Master @ Leftovers
    • Synchronize
    • Sassy
    • 252 Hp / 4 Def / 252 SpD

    » Protect
    » Wish
    » Payback
    » Toxic

    Quote Originally Posted by Eon Master
    This Umbreon set is a three-way cross between the roles filled by CurseBreon, SupportBreon, and CroBreon. After being swept 6-0 by her, my friend MC affectionately dubbed her the Ubereon. Heal Bell and Wish are a more reliable (albeit slightly less effective) RestTalk combo. Curse gets her excellent bulk and power, and Payback in conjunction with Curse becomes 150 BP move (with STAB factored in) with multiple boosts behind it. Wish and Heal Bell also work on my allies, so Umbreon can support and sweep at the same time.
    Eon, although not rating when I was, has taught me alot through reading his Threads. Honestly, I aspire to get to his skill level, as atm I suck at Competitive rant rant rant. Anyways, any rater in the know should know of him. Umbreon was one of his favorites iirc. Great, another way to add to his ego :P

    So, yeah, do your stuff, if anyone is left, that is.
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    You're actually not bad at competitive. You're better than I was when I first started, and I wasn't horrible.

    Also, my "ego" was mostly sarcasm, js. AlMagneto didn't seem to understand that.

    I don't see much point to using both the UberEon and CroReign in the same team. It's basically total overlap. You might just want to make Umbreon into a standard wall, placing Toxic over Curse and possibly Protect over Heal Bell. You already have Walreign to act as a status absorber.

    Dragon Pulse > Draco Meteor is an option on Latias if you want a more stable STAB. Also, if you want a bulkier spread, 172 Hp / 252 SpA / 84 Spe lets you bulk up a fair bit while still ouspeeding adamant Garchomp. Though that's for level 50 iirc, so you might want to double-check it.

    EDIT: Waitwaitwait... semi-competitive? This? You'll be playing in Ubers in that case, just fyi. Latias got shipped up there in Gen 4.

    Also, lol Walreign in competitive in anything other than hail stall.
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    Gen 4 Sturdy is useless, so Magnezone would much rather have Magnet Pull. Trapping Steels is pretty much its thing in competitive, anyway.

    Rest on CurseRein seems a bit risky. Yeah, you may heal and block status for a little bit, but with no sleep talk, it turns the Walrus into setup fodder. You could always give Sub a try instead; it'll block Status just the same, but after a Curse they won't be so prone to break. Still a little risky since you'll have to rely solely on Leftovers for HP gain, but eh, Walrein's movepool's not so great that it has many other options.
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    More than likely I'll stick to strictly ingame, as I'm very rusty when it comes to 4th Gen.

    I'll change Umbreon's set; can't believe I didn't realize that Umbreon and Walrein were doing similiar things.

    Magnet Pull it is then.
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    I don't see the use for Memento on an in-game team. Especially with the shift battle style, you can sent out an appropriate counter to anything the AI has. Shadow Punch might work, just to hit those other Ghost types.
    Also, some other things that are quite tedious to pull off in-game: Toxic stalling and setting up. The only time that it can be useful is in the Pokémon League, and only if you're underleveled. Otherwise you'll just OHKO most things anyway.
    Then again, this is your team and your playing style, so if you have the time to play that way, be my guest (I personally just go pretty offensive on in-game teams).

    I'll probably see you around...

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    Hax still exists ingame, so crits can appear at the worst of times. Besides, stall works fine ingame, depending on the player.
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